The importance of a “Promise Card…”

It’s the New Year and time to make a promise… to ourselves or to someone, YES?!

I happened to see a quick documentary the other day about a guy named, “Alex Sheen.” After the passing of his father in 2012, he started a foundation to help humanity called, “because I said I would.” This is in memory of his father, who he said was an average man, but a man who “always” kept his promises to his son. THAT is what made Sheen’s father special to him,  keeping promises.

The idea of Sheen’s Foundation called, “because I said I would (all lower case),” is to encourage people to fill out a “Promise Card.” The Promise Card is the size of a small index card and on it people write something they want to do for themselves or someone else. They give the filled out card to someone to hold on to for them. Once they fulfill the promise on the card, they ask the friend for their Promise Card back and they keep it as a reminder that “they fulfilled a promise.”

This concept seems simple, but it’s really BIG. Imagine if everyone around the world made one promise to help humanity in some way.

As we start 2018, I leave you with Alex Sheen’s TEDxUtica about what these promise cards have meant to him!

After you watch this video, you will be thinking, “My promise is to …. ?

Then pass Alex Sheen’s message on to others, it’s a good one!

6 thoughts on “The importance of a “Promise Card…”

  1. Very powerful and empowering. He has so much conviction and comes across so real.
    I would add that there are goals and there are habits.
    Some people keep to a goal they set and then leave it- Loing 10 lbs, doing x amount of kindness each day. It is more powerful i feel to be in the habit of exercising or being kind.

    What makes him special is that he is in the habit of making goals happen .
    He has started movement that show the importance of being in the habbit of eeing the importance of your word and therefore keeping it.

    so amazing, thanks

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