This is called a “snow day!”

CBF9C2A4-8D1B-43B0-B4B2-750EBADAB74BWhat do you do on a snowy day? You take the dreaded walk to your car hoping you don’t find THIS… see photo! It’s tough enough to scrape the snow off your car, but if you don’t have a shovel and your car is totally snowed in — WELL, you have to use your feet as a shovel and kick the snow away from your car. As you can see, there is no where for the snow to go!

Excellent exercise for two hours, frozen hands if you took the wrong type of gloves. What do I mean by wrong type of gloves. For a tough job like this, you don’t go outside with your cheap pink knitted gloves, instead you need the high powered black water resistant gloves.


I made the mistake of grabbing my pink gloves. The ones I bought on a day where I forgot gloves, my hands were freezing and I didn’t want to pay too much. I learned my lesson, don’t try to do a high level outdoor job with girly pink knitted gloves. Your hands become frost bitten!

I know, you are wondering if I got my car out. The answer is “NO.” I did make a good effort though. We need a snow plow and a sunny day tomorrow to melt the snow.

Time for a reward.

I’m going to make a hot chocolate and HOPE that Spring comes soon!

15 thoughts on “This is called a “snow day!”

  1. Good for you when you have snow,here in Serbia is winter and there was only tiny number of snow.Now they say snow will become science fiction in the future,because they expect hotter winters every year.Winter without snow is boring !

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      1. Maybe it is from Canada. I used this picture from Pixabay. They have free photos you can use. When I was out in the snow, I didn’t take my phone with me, so I couldn’t take a picture. This photo looks just the same. It was too cold to walk back outside to take a photo… better to stay at home with my hot chocolate!

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  2. I must say I liked your post. It is really tough to have your car stuck in snow and no way to get it out. But snow can be fun too.
    Here in Kashmir we have been waiting for snow for about two months. Incidentally it snowed today, and you can only understand the feeling we had when it started snowing. College was more fun today owing to constant snow-fights. Tomorrow we plan to make a snow man and have loads of fun again.
    Snow season is really fun

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    1. Smiling, it’s fun that’s for sure. What’s interesting is that we normally have a big snow storm like this and then during the next week, the sun comes out and starts to melt everything. THEN a week or so later, we start all over again with another snow storm. 🙂

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  3. Oh, yes. This would be one of the many reasons we run away from home in the winter! I finally gave up trying to convince myself that I enjoyed all of that free exercise (I paid for it at the chiropractor’s office, in the end!).

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