Happy Chinese / Lunar New Year! Chinese Food Recipes…

Chinese New Year DumplingsHappy Chinese / Lunar New Year!

If you are celebrating and want to try some new Chinese recipes, I have just the website for you.

I came across Elaine’s “China Sichuan Food” last year. She has a variety of great authentic recipes.

As I follow her Blog when she has a new recipe I receive an email. Yesterday she sent an email with a nice story about how her family celebrates Chinese New Year and the types of foods they normally cook at this time.

If you are celebrating Lunar New Year or enjoy Chinese food, you’ll find her website a real delight. Elaine’s recipes look easy and delicious to make. You’ll see she walks you through the recipes with detailed photos, so it’s hard to get it wrong.

There are so many recipes I want to try (i.e. Kung Pao Cauliflower)… I’ve got to get started!

7 thoughts on “Happy Chinese / Lunar New Year! Chinese Food Recipes…

    1. So glad you are trying some of the recipes. I have to go and look at the Chinese layered pancakes, I don’t think I saw that one, sounds delicious.

      THANK YOU for the nomination, I appreciate it. I wish these awards didn’t make us answer so many questions though then I would definitely play along. I DO like that these awards have us share great websites though.

      I hope you share a post on how the pancake recipe turns out. I am making Greek lentil soup today — it’s raining, seems like a soup kind of day! 🙂


  1. Me and my husband plan on going to Japan at some point because we have always wanted to go there and this blog post has made us want to go even more now!! But until we get to go I will have to stick with making my homemade sweet and sour chicken on my blog that I just posted. I was looking for more recipes when I came across your post. 🙂

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