Bologna Children’s Book Fair

20F7A794-B126-42B9-8F49-3A441FBF6155Today was the first day of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. I got there by fast train from Florence. Then it was an easy 10 minute bus ride from train station to the conference center.

Upon entering the hall, it was exciting to see all the books as you can imagine. I was amazed at how International this Fair was. Countries from all over the world had booths. Some booths were big, some small, it didn’t matter, they were ALL showing off their best selling books.

This fair is mainly used for the buying and selling of rights to books. So, in ALL the booths you could see “major” meetings going on and orders being taken.

China was the Guest of Honor. They gave different speeches with the Mayor of Bologna. Their booth showcased their Chinese authors and illustrators. They also had a specific booth displaying the work of their BEST illustrators.

I went to check out the Literary Agents Center. There was a strong buzz in the air. This is where authors and illustrators, who have set up appointments, meet with agents to pitch their books!

8A26E60E-A794-41C9-8FDB-2F554A80CB9AThis is what the board looked like, I don’t know what those numbers next to their names were. It was too busy for me to ask someone, people didn’t want to miss their appointments by answering my questions.

I finally made it to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair! So glad I went.

Oh, I could tell I was a book fair beginner, because I forgot to bring a BIG bag to put all the pamphlets that I would gather in. The book show veterans had roller bags!

4 thoughts on “Bologna Children’s Book Fair

    1. YES, did you see, I had you in mind when I took the picture of the Hong Kong booth. Quite spectacular, right! It was interesting to see the publishing industry from the “back side.” It’s a world I don’t know much about, learning though!

      In front of the Chinese booth, at lunch, they were offering free Chinese appetizers… LONG LINE for that as you can imagine!

      It was great fun to see so many International publishers from around the world.

      Oh, outside one booth I met an American guy. He said he and his wife actually put up some of the booths for different customers, so he was there to help talk to people if the publishers were in meetings.


    1. No… they had books you could purchase, but not for free. Selling books is a business, they need to make money. In fact, none of the booths had any free give aways, expect catalogs of the books they sold and / or illustrator business cards. Some of those business cards were really clever looking.


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