Who has played “The Escape Game?”

The Escape GameI’ve been hearing a lot about, “The Escape Game.” Yesterday, I read an article about a family (mother, father, children, grandparents) that wanted something fun to do in Las Vegas, so they signed up. They were raving about how fun it was. Of course, they made it out in time.

I wonder what happens if you don’t make it out of your cell.

Do RED lights start flashing, are you sky rocketed into space… what?

Has anyone played the game?

Fill us in… looking at the website, it does look like FUN!

23 thoughts on “Who has played “The Escape Game?”

  1. Ive played once and failed in the last room. What happened was the lights turned on( because we were in a dark asylum) and the game master opened the the door. We all asked how close we were and he rest the last room. We were 1 puzzle away haha. So much fun and im going again soon.


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      1. Yes. You pick the game and it was a birthday surprise for me. My friends picked Asylum because it was the scariest one. Typically you pay anywhere between $25-40 per person. Alot of escape rooms you can find on Groupon for the best pricing.

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    1. I can understand how you feel. The people I saw who did this were so consumed with trying to get out and work out the clues, etc. that they didn’t seem concerned about being in a closed space. I SENSE a story coming on?!


  2. In our part of the country they’re called “Escape the Room” and they are fun, especially if you go with a group of friends/family (otherwise you get teamed with strangers). Some setups are better/more sophisticated than others, and a location typically has more than one puzzle to choose from. The trick is to find one with multiple rooms – those are the best. Those puzzles are more challenging, because some clues have you going back and forth between rooms. Spending an hour locked in just one room gets a little old. They do give you clues if you want them (if you’re stuck and/or time is running out). Worth a try!

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  3. Ive done escape the room twice. Neither time made it out. So much fun. Seriously so much fun. They come in the room and help,you with the clues you didn’t get. My daughter had her 15th birthday at one. You must try if you love puzzles and riddles and games

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      1. I think ours were 30 per person. We did one with ten people (we went as a group) and one as just four people. Some rooms will bring in other people that you don’t know. I liked small group, no one you don’t know.

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  4. I was one of those kids who would get stressed out when the party games started. I always feared the forfeit, like being the cheese that stands alone in “Farmer in the Dell”. So I would never go near an escape game. Too stressful. And you asked the one question I have been dying to ask too. Indeed, what happens if you don’t escape on time! Thanks for posting.

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      1. Indeed, my childhood days are long long in the misty distant past. But the thought of being stuck for all eternity in an escape game because I can’t figure out the clues still grips me in mortal fear. 🙂

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  5. There’s one of this escape rooms in Suzhou too but I have never tried. Not sure if it’s in English or Chinese, if in Chinese and some clues include obscure references or word games I would be at a disadvantage, haha.

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    1. Ok, interesting for you to find out. You are RIGHT, I wonder what type of clues they would have.

      Hey, have you had your baby yet? Aren’t you due around now? I think you would have told us, I don’t think I have missed the post on this BIG event!! 🙂


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