Chicago: Take the Untouchable Tours, learn about Al Capone in the 1920s/30s

Untouchable Tour BusI was on a street corner one night when this “Untouchable Tours” bus went by. I whipped out my camera to get a picture. Clearly this was a gangster tour bus. You can see they have pictures of some of the gangsters in the windows.

Visiting the website, “Gangster Tour,” it sounds like this tour makes learning about Chicago in the 1920s and 1930s (Prohibition Era) entertaining, because the tour guides are actors that dress the part of a gangster. They say this tour has been going on for 30 years, I had no idea. This was not a nice time in Chicago history. It was the Italians in the South (Jonny Torrio/Al Capone) against the Irish in the North (Dion O’Bannion, Hymie Weiess, and Bugs Moran) fighting to control illegal vice in the city.

On their website, you’ll see a great picture of the actors! Their tour sounds like the Irish tours, where the tour guide has you sing a song too. Trip Advisor has excellent reviews on the tour, so I guess I’ll be booking my tour very soon.

Wouldn’t it be amusing if I dress the part?!! That would throw the tour guides off. I might just get a front row seat!

13 thoughts on “Chicago: Take the Untouchable Tours, learn about Al Capone in the 1920s/30s

    1. Oh… maybe you can write about your crime/ghost tours, mix your stories up a little bit. I like when you have written about books you’ve read, theatre shows, etc. Time for me to plan a trip to NY soon. 🙂 The holidays are coming, maybe let us now what is FUN to do in the city if we come to NY.

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      1. Tell me what you’re interested in and I will give you a list of things to check out if you’re in town. I get more cultural in the fall, so expect more soon. On Monday I’m posting photos of the recent fashion exhibit at the Met. I know I’m going to a fashion exhibit in oct 4 at FIT so I’ll post that. The hot show is going to be “be more chill” but I don’t think it opens till February…but if you’re in the city after feb, that’s the show to try to see. I’m considering doing a book review podcast, but as I came up with that idea in the middle of the night, I need to flesh that out. Email my and I’ll give you my private email if you want to discuss city

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  1. We have done many tours in town, but I don’t recall this one in particular If you like this, check out one of the Architectural river tours. There is also Graceland Cemetary to explore if you like Chicago history. The cemetery is located at Clark and Irving Park (Uptown neighborhood) and dates from 1860. You will find Pinkerton detectives, Louis Sullivan, victims of the Eastland disaster and the Iroquois Theater fire along with Burnham, Pullman, Field and more of Chicago’s movers and shakers. Reminds me it is about time to plan our annual trip. 😊

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    1. Thanks for the tip. I took the architectural river tour, REALLY enjoyed that. Amazing how many clocks are on buildings around town. I like going to cemeteries, so a tour would be good. They are very rich in history and the OLD tombstones / mausoleums are very interesting – they really honored their passed relatives back then. I will look into this. thanks 🙂

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