When you need writing inspiration, take a walk in the Zoo!

1666711D-6630-40D2-8E8E-8C0F71F8D979I love Fall, it’s such a great time of year. Yesterday, I went for a walk and I ended up at the zoo. It was a blustery day as Pooh Bear would say. I needed inspiration for my writing and taking a walk always helps clear the mind and offers new ideas.

I found this lion photo amusing. So, the male is sleeping while the female watches out for danger. From time to time, the male lion did lift his head to ROAR, and boy was it loud. I was in the gift shop when I heard him. He went on a few times. I rushed to the door thinking I would see him on top of the rock where the lioness was sitting. You know, letting the entire zoo know he was in charge. No such luck.

As I continued my walk I got a good shot of the zebra.


I think you might enjoy this quick video of the Japanese Macaque.

Would love to hear where you go walking for inspiration.

16 thoughts on “When you need writing inspiration, take a walk in the Zoo!

      1. My daughters friend was there last weekend. She was upset because farmhouse doesn’t have the cheese curds at brunch. We were at a northwestern presentation this past Tuesday….such a good school

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      2. Did you come to Chicago again, were you “at” Northwestern? I was there on Tuesday. Yes, it is a wonderful school. Well, it will be interesting to see where your daughter goes next year, right. It’s a tough process…but also exciting to be on a new adventure soon. 🙂

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      3. It’s exciting but her and her friends are teetering over the edge! No, northwestern was here in the city. They give a really nice presentation. I just want this to be over!

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      4. That’s funny! At the bookstore a father did not want to buy his child a NW t-shirt, because he said it was jinxing his son’s chances, but the father gave in. I said to the son “WHEN” you get in start sending your Dad lots of PURPLE for the games! That made his Dad laugh! GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Great photos, love that zebra! In the middle of New South Wales, Australia, there is Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo where wild animals roam as freely as possible. We stayed overnight in glamping accommodation and awoke at sunrise to see giraffes and kangaroos cropping the grass nearby.

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  2. I agree – except in the case of the White Rhinoceros. They were hunted almost to extinction in southern Africa so a handful of zoos including Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo started a survival breeding program and they are slowly making a comeback.

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