Happy Chinese New Year (Spain to China)

chinese red shoesThe beauty of blogging is meeting fellow Bloggers from around the world. Last year, I met Marta through her blog, “Marta Lives in China.” She is from Spain and married a Chinese man. As her blog states, she lives in China and shares stories about life there compared to Spain. When she got married she had two weddings, one in China and one in Spain. She has fabulous pictures from both weddings. Recently, she shared her story about being pregnant and giving birth in China. If you visit her blog, you will be transported to China and learn about the Chinese way of life.

In her latest post, “Getting Ready for Chinese New Year.” Marta has photos of shopping for Chinese New Year. She mentions the importance of the color “red” in this celebration. This is her child’s first New Year’s, so it is very exciting.

Years ago when I worked in manufacturing a fellow co-worker, who was Vietnamese, brought in red envelopes ($1 inside) for ALL of his employees, he even included me. He invited me out for Chinese lunch with the group and wished me good fortune. I was honored to be included in their celebrations.

It’s a New Year, time to dust off my red shoes again, put on my prettiest red dress and head to Chinatown with my Chinese friends to celebrate! They will order the food, so I will try many new dishes.

Wishing a Happy Chinese New Year / Happy Lunar New Year to my Asian friends. Excited to be included in the festivities.

10 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year (Spain to China)

  1. My barber – who is South Korean – says the Lunar New Year is a very important holiday in his native country. Families gather to visit the final resting places of their ancestors. The same holds true for their annual Harvest Day, when they bring a sampling of the harvest to their ancestors. Fascinating.

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    1. Yes, I concur with Dave! What a nice pair of red shoes it is!

      Thank you for reporting so enthusiastically about Chinese New Year, this time being the Year of the Pig. I would like to reciprocate yours and wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, which lasts for 15 days with various symbolisms and activities, as explained in a special and detailed post of mine at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/soundeagle-in-chinese-new-year-celebration-spring-festival-lion-dance-traditional-culture-and-architecture/

      Please enjoy and experience the celebration to your heart’s content!

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  2. Oh my! Thanks for the mention and the super nice words! Hope you have a great Chinese New Year! Only one week left! I bet there will be parades or lion/dragon dances in Chinatown.

    PS. Those shoes look fab. Unfortunately I absolutely cannot wear high heels, they are too uncomfortable, haha. But I LOVE red shoes.

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    1. Your welcome, I really enjoy your Blog. I hope you take some pictures, would love to see a dragon. 🙂 I wear short heals, not like these high heels. I was looking for a Chinese photo to use and saw these, like YOU, fell in love, they do look fab! Happy New Year! Love the red outfit you found for your baby.

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