Comedy, as writing inspiration, get rid of writer’s block…

As a writer, we get “writer’s block.” Life becomes overwhelming, ideas are not flowing freely. We need to find a way to open the channels of our creativity.

Comedy – I decided I needed to laugh.

By chance, I found a TV show called, “Miracle Workers,” I gave the first episode a shot, it was SO FUNNY! It just came out 2019. I laughed, because they show God in a corporate office in Heaven, sitting on a sofa switching through TV Channels to see what is happening on Earth. He’s so disappointed with what he sees… like us, God is tired of his job and decides he will just blow up Earth and start a new project.

I laughed AGAIN, because in Heaven there is a department called, “Unanswered Prayers.” They show only two people in charge of that department with piles and piles of requests, they can’t possibly help everyone.

So, that explains it, my “unanswered prayer” has been sitting in God’s slush pile for 7 years collecting dust.

If you take a look at this Youtube trailer for the show, you’ll understand why this comedy is so hilarious. Silly sure, but just what a writer needs to laugh a little and be reminded that God gets tired too and that sometimes we just have to do it ourselves!

Basically, this is a humorous way of comparing Heaven to normal life in a corporation.

Show is based on the novel What’s in God’s Name by Simon Rich.

20 thoughts on “Comedy, as writing inspiration, get rid of writer’s block…

    1. Yes, it is always interesting to see where young actors land later in life. The show is super silly and ridiculous, I could not watch much of it. However, I laughed at the “idea” of God running a corporation, brilliant idea. Daniel Radcliffe is excellent in his role.

      By the way, since you do not allow for comments on your Blog, I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your cemetery post and the one on the camels… really, I enjoy ALL of your posts.

      I find cemetery’s interesting, full of history and untold stories. In California I kept driving by a small cemetery. I finally walked around it and found it full of Irish and Italian names. I noticed that the old tomb stones are very big, while the new tomb stones are very small. In the old days, they wanted to honor the passing of loved ones in a grand way. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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      1. Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for your response. I am so pleased you like reading my posts ♥

        I am a big fan of your blog, you write such interesting and varied posts.

        At the moment I am having a bit of a love affair with camels 🙂 and I agree with your comment regarding cemeteries. They are such interesting and historical places.

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      2. I’m smiling… like you, I have always been fascinated with camels. If you lived closer, I’d say let’s collaborate on a children’s book. I bet we could do something informative, but funny.

        On the news last night, they were showing someone who owns a camel bringing the camel into the pet store. That was funny!

        The site you found about camels was really interesting, very informative.

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      3. A collaboration…ah, the tyranny of distance. I’ve never collaborated on a book although I have edited many. I had not thought of writing a children’s book about camels and I like your idea with the touch of humour, camels can get up to all sorts of high-jinks.

        When I visited Summer Land Camel Farm at Harrisville near Brisbane, I learned many wonderful facts and figures and I even like camel milk. I’m a fan of Dr Raziq’s website, he emailed to invite me to his country to see camel herds in the desert.

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      4. Wow – that’s great, Dr. Raziq has a fantastic site. He is definitely an expert on camels, I think that would be a wonderful trip. I think he said camel milk is good for weight loss from what I remember. 🙂

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      5. Yes, camel milk has a lot of good health properties especially for those with any form of allergic reaction to cows milk. I won’t be taking up Dr Raziq’s offer, I’d rather do something about the unfair propaganda and unnecessary culling of camels in the Australian outback.

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      6. Apologies for hijacking your post! The story goes back 100 years when Afghan cameleers were told to shoot their camels because they were no longer needed. The bond between cameleer and camel is very strong so they released them into the wide open desert region of Central Australia.

        The camels adapted beautifully and contrary to common belief, they don’t harm the environment, they don’t spit, they are intelligent, I could go on and on. Farms with European stock, cattle, etc, convinced the Government they were a feral pest – far from it – and culling has been going on for many years. I have not written a blog post on this but I did touch on it when I wrote about Summer Land Camel Farm.


      7. Thank you for sharing the story, the background, I did not know this history.
        I can see camels doing very well in Australia. As you mentioned, I am not sure why camels have a bad reputation. I think a few people got spit on or had their feet stepped on. THIS IS FUNNY, in Egypt we rode camels. Everyone’s camel was good except for my daughter’s. As soon as she got on her camel, he was like a bucking bronco. She was scared, but held on, eventually he calmed down. Thanks for the link to your other post.

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      8. Imagine getting on a horse, did not want you on his back! I think this camel was tired of stupid tourist tours, he was done. So, he was “trying” with ALL his might to shake my daughter off of his back, while he was running… we were all in horror, of course. Mainly not wanting my daughter to get thrown off and have a broken bone or something. Afterwards, when she was all in one piece, at dinner we could laugh about it, but certainly a scary experience. Camels are independent and have strong personalities. 🙂

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  1. Looks interesting! I’ve often thought there should be a department of lost souls… know people who could assist in helping you get your soul back if you work in a soulless job etc.

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    1. Yes, while this show is not what I would normally watch, it reminds me of the movie, “Dumb and Dumber,” (super silly), I liked the concept of God having a corporation and being fed up with what he built and wanting to “re-do” Earth.

      We are hunkering down for rain/snow today, glad it is Sunday! Hope your weather in Canada is better.

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