Sports and being a successful LEADER

SuccessWe are in the last quarter of the year. If you are like me, you are trying to find that “last bit of motivation” that will catapult you to the next level.

We still have time to make great strides. Here’s an article from Fast Company, “Watching a baseball game taught me more about leadership presence than any self-help book.

If you are looking for some quick motivation, take a few minutes and read this article. While I am not a baseball fan, I know enough about the sport to appreciate the author’s (Anett Grant) clever analogy between baseball and developing strong leadership skills. It’s a mind set, no question about it. Having confidence is “key.”

Here’s to finishing the year strong!

Hard work, trust and faith — we will get there!

7 thoughts on “Sports and being a successful LEADER

    1. Agree, we do need to self motivate. It is a tough road to continually keep ourselves motivated. That’s when an article like this comes along out of the blue, or I find a “lucky penny,” something that makes me smile and reminds me I am on the “right track.”

      By the way, keep yourself safe. Oh, and glad you are back, you were quiet for a little while.

      I was reading about the protests in Hong Kong, this is not good.

      Just read this article about your economy suffering too. Hope this gets resolved soon.

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      1. Indeed.

        Thanks. Fortunately, my house is far from protest areas. People used to say that my place isn’t convenient, but now, they wished that they live in my area.

        I was busy during the last few months. Then the events happening here stressed me too much to think about writing more. It’s just sad to see my place being systematically destroyed.

        I support freedom of expression but not like this. What they do is rioting. They argued that they are “deconstructing” the system as a justification. But then, why do they have to destroy traffic lights? Would they be happy if accidents occur because of their actions? How about those escalators and elevators that they damaged? HK has many senior citizens who benefit from these facilities. And speaking of the elderly, ganging up on an old man with batons and beating him to within an inch of his life just because he doesn’t agree with you is not an action taken by people who fight for democracy but by tyrants and mobs.

        And the police as well are now not thinking rationally. Maybe its due to stress, but still, they should act more professionally. The government here is also a joke. Their inaction may cost HK’s future.

        Western media want people to believe that demonstrations here are peaceful and they report nonsense that fits their narratives. Then CCP also has their own narrative. It’s propaganda vs propaganda. I don’t even know how many sides are involved anymore.

        Both sides don’t want to compromise and deescalate the situation. I have read too much history not to know how this will end.

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      2. Thank you for sharing. I understand what you mean and it is a sad situation indeed. I’m glad to hear you are not right where things are happening. We have seen on the news that the situation is becoming more violent. I can understand why you had no desire to write. This situation is sad. Let’s hope for the best. I’m glad you came back online. We missed you, you always have such interesting posts to share, it’s amazing where you find your stories! Have a good day.

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      3. With people fanning the flames, it’s difficult to tell when and how this will end. It’s obvious that the ones behind the scene are playing the long game with each others.

        I think that my place is one of the few remaining places in HK not vandalized.

        I really wish that this will have a good ending, no matter how unlikely it would be.

        I hope that they would stop provoking the CCP soldiers who are stationed here such as pointing laser pointers and shouting expletives from outside the soldiers’ camp. When the soldiers become involved, any peaceful resolution will be impossible to achieve.

        Thank you for your kind words and have a good day as well.

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      4. They shouldn’t resort to bullying and violence. Violence begets more violence and bullies attract larger bullies. It’s a viscious cycle. They are up against a totalitarian government so they should have known better. If they continue to go down this road, the battle is lost before it even starts. They seem to expect international “help” if things go south, but good luck with that.

        Thank you. The world right now needs peace more than anything else. The Turks assault of Syria, the massacres in Iraq, the impending (again) genocide of Rohingya people in Myanmar, the conflict in Kashmir, the massacres in Yemen, the disturbances in Sudan, the oppression of the Uighurs and Tibetans by the CCP, the Somali Civil War, the Mexican drug war, the Libyan Crisis, etc. Many of this, the international “community” conveniently ignored for various reasons.

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