Did I miss Thanksgiving?

Question ThanksgivingYesterday, I was walking to work and I heard “Christmas music,” coming from a hotel lobby. I looked up and this hotel had already decorated for Christmas. I shook my head, we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet.

As I continued walking, I immediately thought of some of those Hallmark movies where the person falls, hits their head and suddenly, they don’t remember anything. That’s how I felt. Did I miss something?

I looked at the date on my phone for confirmation. It was indeed November 19, at least one week or so BEFORE Thanksgiving. I had a vision of the Board meeting at the hotel where the President said, “Look, we KNOW we have to put Christmas decorations up, let’s just GET IT DONE, so we can ENJOY our time off next week for Thanksgiving. The crowds will be awful on Black Friday, if we put decorations up now, our life will be easier.”

The President of the hotel smiled, gavel went down, DECISION MADE!! The Christmas season will OFFICIALLY start ONE WEEK EARLY at this hotel! He calls his secretary to verify that she has finalized his trip to the Bahamas leaving on the TUESDAY before Thanksgiving. He sits back in his chair proud of his decision.

REALLY, don’t you think that is how it happens?!

We can’t even enjoy a quiet Thanksgiving anymore. It used to be time spent with family. Now, it is all about Black Friday sales and moving Christmas up.

REI has it right! For the fifth year they are closing on Black Friday, so families can enjoy Thanksgiving together. They are not worried about losing sales. Would be nice if MORE companies did this… but I won’t hold my breath!

FYI – I do enjoy the Christmas holiday, but in December, not middle of November.

Ok, off to buy apples for an apple pie!

5 thoughts on “Did I miss Thanksgiving?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Christmas is a “season”, but since when did that season start the day after Halloween? I shut my ears and eyes to anything Christmas before Thanksgiving. Even in a year like 2019, where the first Sunday of Advent immediately follows Thanksgiving, I won’t “back up” my preparations just to fulfill some random number of days of Christmas celebration. Thanksgiving will have its due and the Christmas season will start – at the earliest – the Monday after. On that note, Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. I am a firm believer that all holidays deserve to be celebrated in their own season which is why my pumpkins are still up and I’m getting stuff for pumpkin and pecan pie for next week. Christmas can wait a few more days.

    Also, I had to run to the mall two Sunday’s ago and they were already playing Christmas music. I feel for those employees.

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