Travel to distance places… PLAY the Memory Game.

Memory GameThis weekend was a real test of emotions. Being quarantined for three weeks does that. One day happy, one day melancholy, one day energetic – EVERY day is different.

I needed to change this around, so I started looking through my closet. That put me in a grumpy mood. Going through a closet is B-O-R-I-N-G unless we find some “old gems,” we had forgotten about.

SURPRISE – Way on the back shelf was the Travel Memory Game!

What a great find. It brought back memories from when my daughters were young. We loved to play this game. So, then, I thought of Canasta. A few years ago, I went on a Nile Cruise with my family. Every day we played Canasta. As we didn’t have playing cards, we bought some Egyptian ones.

HEY — Where are those Egyptian playing cards??? Checkers… they’ve got to be here.

Oh and the mini series, “Horatio Hornblower.” LOVE that show! Gotta find that!

Suddenly, I was on a roll!

What have you found in YOUR closet?

9 thoughts on “Travel to distance places… PLAY the Memory Game.

  1. Your “Travel Memory Game” was my childhood “Concentration” – a game of matching pairs with essentially the same rules. Amazing how memories like those are unearthed decades later, with just a little nudge like the topic of your post.

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      1. There has been a bit of a clear out. But I’ve brought some clothes and accessories with sentimental value with me. Nothing says trying to keep it together like a woman with nowhere to go playing dress ups! 😆

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  2. What I find in my closet? A huge package of Kirkland toilet paper that I forgot I shipped with all my belongings from the States almost a year ago 🙂 Now I don’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper. How’s that for an excitement LOL. Would love to play that game you found.

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