Father’s Day (not easy)…

It’s Father’s Day this weekend. I was excited to find “just the RIGHT card.”

It was harder than I thought. Some cards start out nice, like the first one, “Sophisticated, Dignified, Cultured…,” this one had potential, until I opened the card and read the message. What a let down. I mean, it’s sort of funny, but definitely NOT what any of us would want to read.

The spin on a Dr. Seuss book made me chuckle, but I am grown up. I mean REALLY GROWN UP, so my Dad would raise his eyebrows if I sent that card. He would wonder if I had had a stiff drink or if I was just going a bit wacky in the brain.

Now, this last card was HYSTERICAL, not appropriate for me to give to Dad, but for sure my brothers could pull it off. Many of us have father’s who would use that expression, “Don’t be a Smart Ass.” I never use these bad words, I can see my younger brother joking and telling me to wash my mouth out with soap. A good phrase that our grandparents used to use.

As you can see, this is tough, but there is still time.

I deserve an “A+” for effort!

I read A LOT of cards!

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day (not easy)…

  1. My father passed away over 25 years ago, but when he was around, he loved the times we “doctored” a card. Clearly crossing out words and adding our own additional messages. He hated the name Dad, hated the syrupy sweetness of some cards, but loved the idea of taking control of the greeting card industry by using their stuff but making it our own. Good luck in your search.

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  2. My dad has a lifelong obsession with utility bills. When we lived at home, he always harped on my brothers and I about using the heat/AC and long phone calls or showers. This year I found a card that simply said, “No thermostats were raised in the making of this card. Happy Father’s Day”. Perfect!

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