Writing… Social Media… Brain on overload!

So, you want to be a writer, they say.

Well, writing your book is a small piece of being an established author.

Have you started working on your BRAND?

Writer asks… How do I work on my brand when I haven’t published a book yet?

Established author says… Join writer organizations, Twitter, Facebook, Critique groups, etc.

Writer starts… Joining, reading, critiquing, zooming… no time for writing anymore.

Writer’s head… EXPLODES!

Writer realizes… It’s time to put phone/computers aside.

Go somewhere in the outdoors.

Ah, the beauty of calmness — smell the fresh air — free the brain — tap into creativity again.


Sometimes, we just need to shut out the noise, take a moment, and refocus our priorities.

The life of a WRITER!

12 thoughts on “Writing… Social Media… Brain on overload!

    1. Yes, you need to sell yourself and be prepared to market your book. This is a whole new world. You can’t expect to find a publisher who acquires your book and says, “Go home and write some more.” NOPE, they expect you to be helping sell the book. Good for you to join a writing organization, you’ll learn a lot about the process of writing, querying, marketing, publishing, etc.

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      1. I’ve discovered that in the art world too – you need to help with the PR. That’s a good idea re joining a writing organization. I need to check how to format my manuscript to required standards, before I start in on the next draft. I haven’t touched it for over a week, as I’ve been busy writing up 3 blogs for the next month.

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  1. This is so on point! I barely have any time to write a post, let alone do all the things to promote it.
    In the meantime, I feel I neglect the writing of my blogger friends. I always stopped by and quickly read, but rarely leave a comment. Sorry 😦
    Blessings to you! ♥♥

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    1. We should leave a comment when a post moves us and we have something to say. I’ve gotten to know some interesting bloggers by commenting on their post, then they comment back… not all the time, but when a post resonates with us — on either side. Have a good weekend — we have a BLIZZARD coming to Chicago this weekend. Time to relax! 🙂

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