Groundhog Day – 6 more weeks of winter — THANKS, PHIL!

This is the first time I’ve seen Phil in action. Actually, it seems his full name is “Punxsutawney Phil.” I feel bad saying this, but it is a silly ceremony. It was snowing while they put Phil on the podium. Phil sat there, while they all looked at him. One of the guys stared him down, face to face, and before Phil could get antsy — it was determined that Phil had seen his shadow.

6 more weeks of winter…

Keep those shovel handy.

Good news for Phil. He’s got a job for life. I wonder if someone in his family takes over in the future.

WHAT? I’m just wondering. How does that all work?

Oh, when the ceremony was over they played the “Pennsylvania Polka” song. That was nice. Made me think of Oktoberfest in Munich.

I can’t get the song out of my mind, still waltzing around!

13 thoughts on “Groundhog Day – 6 more weeks of winter — THANKS, PHIL!

  1. I find it funny the German origin of this ritual used a badger, not a groundhog. Pretty sure the Germans didn’t hold the badger in their arms the way the Pennsylvanians do the groundhog. Better to watch that bad boy from a distance and simply watch whether he goes back into his hole or not. Badgers eat other animals so I’m guessing they have a pretty good mouthful of teeth!

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