ART NEWS – SOLD – World’s Largest Painting, $62M, Dubai Auction

When I say, “world’s largest painting,” I mean Guinness World Record. Imagine 17,000 sq ft equivalent to 2 football fields or 4 basketball courts of art. That’s a lot of work. “The Journey of Humanity” consists of 70 art panels.

This is a fabulous story of Sacha Jafri, British Artist, who took advantage of COVID lockdown in Dubai to create a painting that would raise money for charity (disadvantaged children specifically). What is really wonderful and inspiring is that he included children’s art from around the world into his painting. His goal was to raise $30 million, he doubled that raising $62 million.

Crypto businessman Andre Abdoune from France purchased the entire painting. Abdoune plans to build a museum for this painting. So happy to hear this, because the painting as a whole tells a story of COVID, lockdown, children suffering, etc. It should be seen as “one” piece.

I’m not an art expert, so glad by chance I came upon this article. I wish the media would share MORE stories like this. It proves there is more LOVE than hate in this world. Do away with the negative media and our world would start to work together and flourish.

I look forward to hearing more about Sacha Jafri in the future!

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