Diners… American Breakfast – the BEST!

This past weekend, I was in the mood for a “real breakfast.” I mean a little bit of everything. There is something wonderful about going to a diner, they still have that old fashioned feel. Simple and full of choices.

When I got there I knew exactly what I wanted. Although, if I go to The Original Pancake House in California, I like to order the 49er pancakes, they are huge and bit chewy – wonderful! They are probably crepes, just made larger.

Back to my diner experience, I went for the usual… scrambled eggs well done (my mother used to make them so runny, I could not eat them), bacon or sausage, toast and pancakes. I KNOW, this is why they say Americans are fat. So true, this meal is really for two people, I could not eat it all. Mainly, I like the variety. So, too bad they can’t offer one egg, one slice of bacon/sausage, one slice of toast and two small pancakes, right! Anyhow, I wasn’t going to complain, this is what I wanted.

Oh, when I got to the diner, there was a line. So, I put my name on the waiting list. To keep myself busy, I got the menu. Laughing, everyone is line was eyeing each other. I mean, what else do you do, when you are waiting, right.

There was a man next to me, it appeared he was with his wife. He decided to be flirty. I wasn’t too keen on that. His wife looked grumpy. He asked me HOW I got the menu. REALLY – the menus were on the counter in front of us. To try and shooooo him away, I said, “There they are, but here you can have mine, I’m done with it.”

To which he said, “So, what are you going to order?” He leaned into me like an eager puppy to look at menu with me.

WHAT??? Wasn’t that his wife next to him??

This guy was an expert at trying to pick someone up. I didn’t like it!

So, I politely looked at his female companion, smiled, said I had not decided AND moved away.

I HOPE that wasn’t his wife. Awful to have a husband like that.

GOOD NEWS – they did not seat me next to them. Thank goodness or my dining experience would have been ruined.

Instead, I was next to a family with a little girl who was loud and super talkative. She must have been two years old. Then another family across from me. The little boy kept talking about coloring his monsters, looked like he had a coloring book.

So, I had a delightful dining experience!

6 thoughts on “Diners… American Breakfast – the BEST!

  1. I haven’t gone to a diner in ages. If I go for breakfast I get fried eggs with bacon and home fries. If I go at any other time of the day I order a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato. It has been years 😦
    I am glad you escaped Mr. Obnoxious Flirting.
    Blessings! ♥♥

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  2. We don’t have diners here that I know of, (we have Tim Hortons with fake egg sandwiches) but when I visited New York years ago I loved breakfast at the diner! That bacon is making me hungry.

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  3. I’m always tempted by the “carb” breakfast entrees at diners (pancakes, french toast) but I can never pass up eggs either, so my wife & I always split a waffle or pancake. And sad to say, there are countless varieties of your Mr. Obnoxious out there (including a few I admit to calling friends). They just don’t know the meaning of “personal space”, do they?

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