Perfect story for the holidays – THE YANKEE CANDLE

I’m always on the hunt for a good smelling candle. They are especially helpful if you’ve cooked fish, cabbage or broccoli for dinner. Light up your candle, it’s even better than opening the windows. Somehow the candles work really well.

I recently read an article in ADWEEK, “Yankee Candle Began as a Christmas Gift of Melted Crayons,” by Robert Klara. Right there, the title sold me on Yankee Candles. Melted crayons turned into a candle to make a mother happy?! We all remember having crayons as a kid. What a clever idea!

Long story, so click on the link. I think you’ll enjoy the article. They have 600 fragrances. It’s Christmas, they say their most popular candle is Balsam and Cedar, I’ll have to give it a try.

This is a special story that pulls at the heart strings! GIFT OF THE MAGI – that was quite a story too!

8 thoughts on “Perfect story for the holidays – THE YANKEE CANDLE

  1. I don’t usually burn candles. But I do have a French Linen Candle someone in Tipperary Crystal someone gifted to me. The scent is not as good as the Yankee candle I’m sure. Maybe I will get it next time I’m back in the States 🙂

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    1. Your candle sounds good. You should light it up, give it a try. That’s how I started, someone gave me a candle as a gift… I decided give it a try and the smell was actually nice. As I mentioned, I found it very useful when you’ve cooked something for dinner and you want to get rid of the lingering smell. I haven’t tried the Yankee candle. I’ll buy one, see what I think.

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  2. I think Yankee Candle gets the “gold standard” label for its industry. Everyone who knows about YC seems to think there’s nothing better. I couldn’t read the AdWeek article (requires a subscription) but I’m sure it’s an interesting journey from melted crayons to candle empire!

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    1. Do a Google Search for the article. I was able to read it and I don’t have a subscription. When you click on link in post, I think it mentions READ MORE, click on that and the article expands. Underneath the READ MORE it talks about Subscription. Maybe you didn’t notice the READ MORE… Give it another try.


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