Italy – Hotel v.s. Monastery stays…

When I tell someone I stayed at a monastery, they give me a strange look. Am I overly religious OR becoming a Nun. It does make me smile. I know they are missing out by being narrow minded.

A few years ago, I was in Florence for an extended period. Given that, I searched hotels, hostels, etc. for a more economical way to stay there. Up popped this website — You can see from the Home page, it looked interesting. I was intrigued.

To date, I have stayed at three monasteries in Florence, one in Assisi, one in Cortona and one in Rome.

The monastery in Cortona felt like a boutique hotel. You would not know it was a monastery. FABULOUS!! In fact, I did not see any Nuns around. Don’t quote me, but I think they had TVs in the room.

Here’s what you should know. While each monastery is different, they do have similarities:

  • Breakfast served at a certain time. Sit where your name is placed on the table.
  • Breakfast – bread, butter/jam, yogurt, lunch meat, cereal, fruit, coffee/tea. Unique to each stay.
  • When you leave monastery, leave your key at reception.
  • Curfew, need to be in by 11 or 12 pm, depends on the monastery.
  • TVs, some monasteries have them, some don’t.
  • Wifi — yes, most of them.
  • Summer – check if they have air conditioning.
  • Note: Sometimes the Nuns only speak Italian or at reception they have an English speaking person.

WHO CAN STAY? Anyone – single, married, parents with kids, workers who are on assignment stay there. Now, honeymooners??? LOL – if you are loud at sex/love making, you certainly would have ALL of us entertained and in shock. In fact, I imagine the cross hanging in my room would start shaking. The monasteries do tend to be quiet.

HOW ARE THE ROOMS? I must say, quite spacious and nice. Great bathrooms.

This was my place in Rome. Nice, very clean and a balcony. LOVE the white pressed sheets! Resembled some normal hotels I stayed in Munich.

Trying to think if I missed anything. If you browse the Monastery Stays website, you’ll see ALL the rooms, read through what they offer. Good rates too.

Any questions… leave a comment, happy to answer.

REALLY love the monastery stays. Wish they had this type of website for Germany.

7 thoughts on “Italy – Hotel v.s. Monastery stays…

  1. Thanks for posting! I was aware of this option from reading about a monastery in France near lavender fields which another blogger had posted. It would certainly be a unique experience.

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    1. Absolutely, very comfortable. Pillows really nice. I stayed at a Hyatt / Westin in America twice, since COVID, beds / pillows were so worn out and the sheets looked like they had not been changed. I had to have them “re-change” the sheets. Now at many American hotels they do not come to your room unless you are staying more than 4 nights. Here they were crisp and white and they came to my room every day. HOW can the Italians have white fabulous sheets and the Hyatt / Westin had dingy sheets. Terrible.


  2. Fascinating! I am in the category of “narrow-minded” (and I don’t take the description personally 🙂 The way you describe the experience makes perfect sense from a business perspective. I’m sure the monasteries can use the income, and their rules for guests are reasonable. I’m also sure the monks and nuns give more attention to detail than your typical hotel/housekeeping staff, at least those in America because they are motivated to serve others from within. In Italy in particular, I’d think it only adds to the cultural experience to stay in a monastery.

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