Italy – Sending postcards…

When was the last time you sent a postcard? For me, it’s been years. It’s so easy to snap a photo and send it via text or email. DONE! Taking time to write a postcard, buy the stamp and mail it seems “archaic.” Real EFFORT would have to be put into that process, right!

At my hotel, they had a small entry way. There were people ahead of me to check in. I was standing next to — drum roll — a bunch of postcards. To pass the time…

I started looking them over, remembering how my daughters send me postcards when they are on a trip. I always enjoy the surprise card in the mail. EFFORT = LOVE

So, I decided, I should surprise them in return. I bought two Trevi Fountain postcards.

I wrote:

Just threw THREE COINS in Trevi Fountain. ONE was mine. ONE was your Sister’s. ONE is YOURS! MAKE YOUR WISH! Love, Mama XOXO

Hopefully, they receive the card, so they can make their wish.

When I asked where to buy a stamp, I was told to go to the newsstand. At the newsstand, the fellow gave me my stamps and when I asked WHERE to mail the cards, he pointed to this little yellow mailbox below the postcards.

I had a BIG smile, going back in time.

I admit, I wondered if it was legitimate. It looked cute, but it was in such an odd place.

I asked for confirmation.

The fellow nodded his head — YES!

So, in the box, my postcards went.

Now, to see if they will be delivered!

I made MY WISH! They need to make THEIRS!

I enjoyed THINKING of something clever to write.

Oh, I learned that the Vatican area has it’s own stamps. So, if you mail something through a Vatican mailbox, it must have a Vatican postage stamp on it.

GPS mail — I think on the receipt there was a bar code to scan. If I can find that, I might be able to track my postcards. That would be interesting… right!

17 thoughts on “Italy – Sending postcards…

  1. I sent one recently. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive. My friend likes receiving them, a physical card or letter, so I try to send one every once in a while.

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  2. My husband and I make a point to send at least one post card per trip and we carry US postcard stamps in our travel journals. Getting stamps on international trips can be more difficult but it’s a fun thing to do and our friends enjoy receiving them.

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      1. It’s nice to get something in the mail that’s not a bill or junk. Some of my friends have jokes regarding postcards, like I send the corniest ones I can find.

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  3. The last postcard I sent was decades ago.
    I did receive one the other day from an eccentric artist friend.
    I love what you wrote and I am sure your daughters will love as well. I hope they get it soon.
    I would be suspicious of that little yellow box also lol
    Blessings to you!

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    1. Ah, you should start again. You travel to so many interesting places. Postcards are beautiful! They still are. I LOVE getting postcards from my daughters even it it takes FOREVER to reach me. I’m surprised when I see one in the mailbox. WOW – What’s THIS? AND I smile.

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