A Cat is WATCHING you!

Recently, I saw a video that showed how different pets wake up their owners. There were some really aggressive pets. One dog pulled himself up on the side of the bed, took his paw and proceeded to hit the owner in the face, multiple times. It was funny, well, not to the owner. Another clip showed an owner sleeping and the cat went on top of its owner and bit the owner’s nose. OUCH!

My daughter was asked to watch a friend’s daughter for a week while they went out of town. Here’s what’s comical. My daughter was hoping all would go well with this young girl. Turns out the girl was easy, it was the cat that was full of drama.

The cat would constantly whine and cry. She didn’t know what to do. She gave it food, water, petted the cat — WHAT else? I laughed and said, “You used to do that when you were a baby, I couldn’t figure it out.”

One morning, the cat wanted breakfast. The cat jumped on the bed. THIS is what she saw, two eyes staring at her.

I don’t have any pets, just an alarm clock with a rooster sound. You laugh? It works, I hate it, I get up!

How does your pet wake you up?

Badge of Honor

This week, I deserve a badge of honor. For years now my mother has been begging me to listen to audio books. I have resisted as any child does. Why, I just didn’t think I’d like it. I mean, if you have to listen to the CD, you have to pay attention, and with our busy lives when would I have time to mentally focus?

The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project

My mother, in her Italian accent would say, “Cicciolino, listen to the books while you are cleaning the house, you’ll want to clean, because you’ll want to hear the entire story.”

I’m laughing, can you imagine that? I thought she was really digging deep now. An audio book that will make me WANT to clean the house? I imagined myself wearing a cute Italian apron, with a funny duster, humming opera tunes while listening to audio tapes. That’s the perfect Italian wife!

This past week, my mother got her wish. I actually listened to an audio book. It was by complete accident.

Our Book Club is reading “The Rosie Project,” by Graeme Simsion. All the print versions at the library were checked out, EXCEPT (did you hear that), except for the audio version. YES, I smiled; OK Mom, you’re getting your wish!

A miracle happened! I popped the CD in my car and was pleasantly surprised to hear the narrator (Daniel O’Grady) speaking in an Australian accent. His voice, reading the story of a “nutty professor looking for a wife,” was so amusing that, my mother was RIGHT, I wanted to keep listening to the story! NOW, I needed a long road trip somewhere…

Cat O'Nine Tales: And Other Stories

Cat O’Nine Tales: And Other Stories

I’m hooked… next audio book, “Cat O’Nine Tales: And Other Stories,” by Jeffrey Archer!

Here’s a perfect example of not being open to someone’s viewpoint! Mom, you are ALWAYS right!