Football: Notre Dame v.s. Northwestern University

55E8AB61-E124-4291-A275-7521F8F7FEC3For those of you who follow football, this weekend (November 3, 2018) the University of Notre Dame plays Northwestern University in Evanston (North of Chicago). It supposed to be a BIG game, we have not played them in 40 years and we lost last time. Of course, I am an ND fan. Game Day t-shirts are on sale now. ND fans, wear your blue/gold with PRIDE!


Chicago: River is Green / Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day - Chicago riverDid you know that it is a tradition in Chicago to turn the river GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day? There are two Irish families, the Butler and Rowan clans, that have had this honor since 1962. They sprinkle their special “Leprechaun Dust” and PRESTO the river becomes this spectacular green color.

My daughter lives in Ireland, so she will be drinking green beer I am sure. She hasn’t found a Leprechaun or his pot of gold yet!  She has seen some beautiful rainbows and sweet sheep like the one below!

Wishing you ALL a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

To my SMC and ND friends: GO IRISH!

sheep in Ireland

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to all the Halloween folks who celebrate today!


This post is in celebration of my College roommate’s Halloween Birthday!

Good news – I didn’t forget this year!  I know, some of you are thinking, “HOW do you forget someone’s birthday if it falls on Halloween?” Not sure, but it’s happened.

four-leaf-cloverMaura — You were always a jokester in College. I can see you dressing up and stopping by my place, honking the horn, and saying, “Let’s get this party started! It’s MY birthday!”

Look, you are even in GREEN for the “Luck of the Irish!”

Happy Birthday to YOU…  and everyone else whose birthday is today!

Time for a road trip to ND – GO IRISH!