Chicago: River is Green / Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day - Chicago riverDid you know that it is a tradition in Chicago to turn the river GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day? There are two Irish families, the Butler and Rowan clans, that have had this honor since 1962. They sprinkle their special “Leprechaun Dust” and PRESTO the river becomes this spectacular green color.

My daughter lives in Ireland, so she will be drinking green beer I am sure. She hasn’t found a Leprechaun or his pot of gold yet!  She has seen some beautiful rainbows and sweet sheep like the one below!

Wishing you ALL a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

To my SMC and ND friends: GO IRISH!

sheep in Ireland

10 thoughts on “Chicago: River is Green / Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. As a long time Chicago Metro area resident, it has always been fun to watch them turn the river green. ND has advanced in the NCAA. The corned beef, cabbage and potatoes are waiting to be served along with a shot of Irish whiskey, and I can still hear my grandfather reminding me not to forget me green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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    1. A fellow Chicagoan! Ah, you made me smile when you talked about corned beef, cabbage and potatoes! I’m hungry! And you’ve got to have the Irish whiskey too! You do your grandfather PROUD! Good news about ND. My College roommate from St. Mary’s College across the street, as you know, from ND keeps me up to date on ND sports. She comes from a big Irish family in upstate NY. Her brother went to ND. Have fun tomorrow! I’ll be toasting you with some green beer… By the way, how is your book coming along? Mine has been slow, I need to pick up the pace.


      1. I have family in Mishawaka so I had a steady diet of ND and mass at the Basilica to pray for victory. I have friend also who attended St Mary’s and Holy Cross and of course ND. Erin go Bragh! Progress on the book has been very slow due to the 9.5 gig and life in general. No worries. Hopefully, soon I will be able to pick up the pace as you say. Have a great day.

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