Memories of my Italian grandmother…

I enjoy knitting. I go through phases though, sometimes no knitting and other times I find knitting therapeutic. Not long ago, I was in a buy yarn, knit scarfs mode. Scarfs are easy. I wanted a pattern where I didn’t have to think about the pattern.

This scarf was easy and I loved the blue color. My Italian grandmother taught me how to knit. It was interesting, because she didn’t speak English, so I had to watch, try and look to her expressions for approval. I either got the “Si, bene (YES, GOOD) or “NO, guarda (NO, LOOK).”

I still have the small mustard colored ball of yarn she taught me with. It’s packed in my treasure chest of memories. Over the years, my treasure chest of memories has gotten smaller and smaller. Old letters thrown out, report cards (do we really need to keep those), old year books, photos (of no real importance)… you get the idea.

So, today, this post is in memory of my Italian grandmother (Nonina). I miss YOU!

In fact, for lunch I will make pastina in brodo. I loved when she made that for me!

MEMORIES — I look forward to traveling to Florence soon.

Seattle Yarn Shop Tour…


This week started The 2016 LYS (yarn) Tour. Great idea, see the map. In five days you have a chance to visit 28 different yarn shops. At each shop you have them stamp your passport and then your completed passport is entered into a drawing to win prizes.

As I moved to Seattle, maybe because of a lot of rainy days, I suddenly had the urge to knit again. It was my Italian grandmother who taught me how to knit and crochet. Imagine that – she spoke no English. I considered it “on the job training.” I didn’t speak Italian and I didn’t know how to knit, so with a lot of hand movements and facial expressions she taught me basic knitting/crocheting. She kept saying, “Hai capito (you understand)?” I did a lot of head nodding for YES and NO at that time.


Stitches from my first cowl neck project.

Starting up again, I was getting tired of the basic knit / purl stitches, I was ready to challenge myself.  I was at one of the yarn shops looking at different scarf samples and settled on a cowl neck pattern. I found knitting instructions on for different stitches (good thing for rewind, pause and fast forward). Before I knew it, I had completed an intermediate project, which was a proud moment…  EXCEPT that now it is Spring/Summer, so I have to wait for Fall to wear it. Well, knitting is like that, you don’t always finish your project in the “right season.”

imageYesterday, I ventured to Bainbridge Island to visit the Churchmouse Yarns and Teas store. What a lovely store, I felt like I was in New England. The Ferry Boat ride was fun.

If you are doing the tour, there is still one day left!

Try not to go broke (grin)!