Memories of my Italian grandmother…

I enjoy knitting. I go through phases though, sometimes no knitting and other times I find knitting therapeutic. Not long ago, I was in a buy yarn, knit scarfs mode. Scarfs are easy. I wanted a pattern where I didn’t have to think about the pattern.

This scarf was easy and I loved the blue color. My Italian grandmother taught me how to knit. It was interesting, because she didn’t speak English, so I had to watch, try and look to her expressions for approval. I either got the “Si, bene (YES, GOOD) or “NO, guarda (NO, LOOK).”

I still have the small mustard colored ball of yarn she taught me with. It’s packed in my treasure chest of memories. Over the years, my treasure chest of memories has gotten smaller and smaller. Old letters thrown out, report cards (do we really need to keep those), old year books, photos (of no real importance)… you get the idea.

So, today, this post is in memory of my Italian grandmother (Nonina). I miss YOU!

In fact, for lunch I will make pastina in brodo. I loved when she made that for me!

MEMORIES — I look forward to traveling to Florence soon.

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