Buddhist Temple – Yesterday Offerings

I was driving my car when I saw these monks yesterday. How beautiful! I immediately pulled over to find out what their procession was about. I spoke to a Vietnamese woman who said that once a year, the monks come from around America to walk a certain path, praying and people offer them donations. Back in Vietnam, the monks would walk barefoot, but not here.

This lady was on a mini bike and was following the monks on their walk. She had been a Catholic and converted to Buddhism. Anyone is welcomed in the Temple, go visit, she said.

There is something very spiritual about seeing the monks walking in prayer. I immediately felt a peacefulness come over me. Entering a zen state.

Passing this along. May you feel at peace today too!

You’ve got to read this book, see the title…

A week ago, I was bored with what I was reading. Good books, but they weren’t catching my attention. I’m sure you’ve been there. When we keep reading the same paragraph over and over, it just won’t sink in. I even fast forwarded to the middle of the book to read a few paragraphs – NOPE, my interest in the story was not going to improve.

So, I went to the online library and started browsing. This book by Jack Canfield / Gay Hendricks, You’ve Got to Read This Book!, came up. The title alone got me hooked.

I’m half way through, and I gotta say, it’s a good title, good book. Great stories of people’s lives, some hardships and/ or how they got where they are. Somehow, this book has my attention. I think I like the short story aspect and learning about different people.

Time to head to a bookstore…

Spring / Summer — going to the beach, longing for a book to actually hold and read. Miss hardcover books, too much online reading.

Here’s to exploring the bookstore and buying a new book!

Butterflies… I’ve seen two in the past week, spiritual meaning?

butterflyI haven’t seen butterflies for a long time. Suddenly though, in the past week, I saw two of them in odd ways.

The first one appeared while I was walking down an alley, something in the air caught my attention, I looked up and there was a butterfly flying like a bird very quickly to some destination. I say, flying like a bird, because usually a butterfly is flying close to flowers and flies in a fluttery type of way. This was so different.

The second one I saw today in the stairwell of my apartment building. I had to look twice, because I almost stepped on it. Sure enough, it was an orange looking butterfly. It was sitting with its wings closed. I looked to see if a window was open, nothing, so how did it make it in the building? If I wasn’t rushing, I would have tried to figure a way to put it outside again. The wings are so delicate, I was worried about this.

I did some research. I read that seeing a butterfly is important, because they signify transformation, personal growth and beauty.

What do you think? Is it normal to see butterflies in September when the weather is getting cold? Is there spiritual meaning behind this?

What does it mean to see a “double rainbow?”

DoubleRainbowI’ve seen rainbows in my life, but they have always been from quite a distance. The other day though, I saw a rainbow up close. I didn’t notice it until I heard someone yell out, “LOOK, a rainbow!” We all stopped to look up.

The reason this rainbow was so “amazing” was because we were so “close” to it. There is something very spiritual in seeing a rainbow up close, the colors seem to glow, and as we know it won’t last long, it feels “magical.”

We were all rushing to capture the moment in a photo. The rainbow was so BIG none of us could get the entire rainbow in one picture. So, I took a video below.

As we were taking photos, the second rainbow appeared behind the first one. This felt like the moment in “The Wizard of Oz” movie when Glinda, the “good witch,” appears “twinkling out of the sky” and all the munchkins are in “awe” as they watch her descend from the clouds. We were “ooing” and awing” as well.

This video doesn’t exist

So… what does it mean to see a “double rainbow?”

I did an online search. Basically, it sounds like a “pot of gold” is coming my way…

(JUST KIDDING! Sounds good though! I see a Leprechaun dancing…)