Buddhist Temple – Yesterday Offerings

I was driving my car when I saw these monks yesterday. How beautiful! I immediately pulled over to find out what their procession was about. I spoke to a Vietnamese woman who said that once a year, the monks come from around America to walk a certain path, praying and people offer them donations. Back in Vietnam, the monks would walk barefoot, but not here.

This lady was on a mini bike and was following the monks on their walk. She had been a Catholic and converted to Buddhism. Anyone is welcomed in the Temple, go visit, she said.

There is something very spiritual about seeing the monks walking in prayer. I immediately felt a peacefulness come over me. Entering a zen state.

Passing this along. May you feel at peace today too!

12 thoughts on “Buddhist Temple – Yesterday Offerings

  1. Definitely not something you see every day (or every week or every year, for that matter). Thank you for finding all things different and unique. It’s what I look forward to with your Brilliant Viewpoint posts.

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  2. I’m sure I’m asking a dumb question but…is there a reason they walk barefoot in Vietnam but not here? I live in Texas and no one should be walking around barefoot when the temps are in the 90’s and upward. Is it because of the heat? Curious to know, Mona


    1. If you Google it, there are so many articles on it. It’s interesting to learn about them. Here is one snippet for you:

      We walked the streets barefoot, over rocks, mud, and through puddles. When asked why going barefoot was a requirement, a monk said, “Buddha is teaching us to walk barefoot to remind us that we do not need shoes. Shoes are simply an unnecessary luxury, but we only go barefoot for alms.”

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      1. If I recall correctly, Buddhism is about suffering. The main principal, paraphrasing here, is that we suffer because we are always longing for more than we need. This perceived lack is the source of the suffering. So, theoretically and in some respects I guess also practically, we don’t really need shoes. Fascinating and sort of simple religion, though clearly difficult to practice on a daily basis.

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      2. Agree, while we can’t practice everything on a daily basis on those stressed out days — it does calm us down to think like a monk. 🙂 And now with inflation, etc. we sure don’t need much, right!


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