Ladybug… MORE LUCK!

When I was a child, it was a big deal to see or have a ladybug land on you. We would immediately ask our Mom, “WHAT did this mean?”

We were told ladybugs brought Good Luck – Good Fortune!

Imagine my surprise to see a ladybug on my shirt. I have not seen a ladybug in years. She… maybe a he… was very tiny.

LUCKILY our phone cameras can ZOOM in.

Here is what my ladybug looked like up close. Sorry, a tiny bit blurry, but still pretty clear to see. Amazing coloring and those black dots – ADORABLE!

So, of course, I made a WISH.

I read that ladybugs eat berries, so gave her/him a blueberry to eat. By the next morning, my special ladybug was gone, but my SMILE remains.

Good Fortune is on the way! That would be nice, right!

Do you have a ladybug story… we want to hear it! So, share.

Happy New Year 2019: If one wish could be granted…

I’m excited to start a new year. Each year, we all wonder what lies ahead of us. Would be great if we had a crystal ball to give us direction, but we don’t.

Which made me think, as we set our goals for 2019….

What if we had ONE WISH that could be granted each year, WHAT would that be?

I’m thinking about that. What is the BIG accomplishment, miracle or surprise that I would like to happen this year. Right now, I feel like I am sitting by the ocean and the water is so vast, I can’t see any islands in site AND that is what I need, to be able to see at least “one island,” and then I will know my direction.

So, I am OFF to contemplate my BIG WISH!

AND YOU… What is YOUR big wish?  Say it out loud, write it on a paper, or just think of it.  We ALL have different ways of putting out to the Universe what we would like. Do what works for you, but DO IT and let’s see what happens!