Ladybug… MORE LUCK!

When I was a child, it was a big deal to see or have a ladybug land on you. We would immediately ask our Mom, “WHAT did this mean?”

We were told ladybugs brought Good Luck – Good Fortune!

Imagine my surprise to see a ladybug on my shirt. I have not seen a ladybug in years. She… maybe a he… was very tiny.

LUCKILY our phone cameras can ZOOM in.

Here is what my ladybug looked like up close. Sorry, a tiny bit blurry, but still pretty clear to see. Amazing coloring and those black dots – ADORABLE!

So, of course, I made a WISH.

I read that ladybugs eat berries, so gave her/him a blueberry to eat. By the next morning, my special ladybug was gone, but my SMILE remains.

Good Fortune is on the way! That would be nice, right!

Do you have a ladybug story… we want to hear it! So, share.

8 thoughts on “Ladybug… MORE LUCK!

      1. Great, great plan!!! And Ladybugs are BEAUTIFUL and HAPPY! If we keep putting out to the Universe what we want and REALLY TRUST it will happen… THEN when the timing is right, IT WILL! Keeping ourselves busy with happy trips, projects, etc — is GOOD! Excited to see what you come up with! ❤


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