Made in America — Maker’s Row

Photo courtesty of Maker's Row.

Photo courtesty of Maker’s Row.

Are you an apparel or home and design entrepreneur? Do you have ideas and now you need to create prototypes, find manufacturers, learn about packaging and more, but you don’t know where to go?

You’re in LUCK!  Maker’s Row has all the answers and contacts you need in one website, so you can create your prodcut “right here” in the U.S.

Maker’s Row was founded by Matthew Burnett (Detroit, MI) and Tanya Menendez (Oakland, CA) to bring manufacturing back to America; they launched in November 2012.

Interesting TV shows like “Project Runway” and “Shark Tank” have shown us that there is a lot of innovation and creativity here in the U.S., but what was lacking was “how” to reach the “right resources” to produce the product.

Burnett and Menendez picked up on this need to link entrepreneurs together with manufacturers and ran with it.

They created an online database/service where you pay by the month. This gives you access to their Project Planning Software, full search of 4,000 manufacturers, ability to message factories, factory matchmaking, dedicated sourcing support, encouragement to create your brand profile to share with others and a list of special events.

Courtersy Maker's Row website.

Courtersy Maker’s Row website.

It gets better.  They have just come out with “The Academy,” where they offer great educational online courses to help you bring your product to market.

Take a look at the factory profile videos they have online. Wonderful to read the owner’s stories and see their factory floors in process.

Their website idea is a combination of The Tech Shop (innovation) LinkedIn (monthly service fee) and Yelp (post reviews).

I am excited about Maker’s Row new manufacturing service.

Made in America — It has become a whole lot easier!

Thanks Maker’s Row!

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