Happy Thanksgiving!


Original Bean Bag Frog

This Fall I decided I wanted to do something special for the children who are suffering illnesses at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

I wrote to them asking if they needed donations. I could make these beanie bag frogs for them. This is a project my cousin got me into when I would visit her for Thanksigiving when I was a child. We had great fun cutting out patterns, sewing the frogs and choosing different buttons for eyes, putting bird seed in as stuffing and then playing with them.

The volunteer at the hospital wrote back that they would love to have the frogs, but they needed to be modified. No button eyes, my heart sank, because buttons could be a choking hazard — the eyes had to be flat.  Hum.. flat eyes, I could not imagine this.  In addition, no bean bag stuffing, I had to use white stuffing.


Modified Frog Donation

Well, I still wanted to do the frog, but felt the fun of using funny button eyes and bean bag stuffing was being taken out of the project.

STILL – I got to work. You can see my modified frog. With some help from experienced sewers I came up with the felt embroidered eyes idea. Not perfect, but cute and funny looking, like a “superman” frog.

These funny looking frogs reminded me of the movie, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” when Rudolph goes to the Island of “misfit toys!”


I worked really hard last week, so I could deliver my frogs in time for Thanksgiving. When I dropped off my frogs last weekend it was extremely nice. They were very appreciative and said the frogs could be used in the play room.

I was AWARDED this green sticker!  Funny how a sticker can make even an adult feel PROUD, but that is exactly what it did!

It’s the holidays and I encourage everyone to find that special charity where they can make a donation to help others!

I promise you, your heart will grow so big!




One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Awesome story! It put a smile on my face and I’m sure it will put a smile on the faces of many children! It’s easy to donate money but you went much farther, found a way to overcome obstacles, and ended up rewarding yourself, too. I’m proud of you, Moni!!!

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