Christmas in the Pacific Northwest


Photo taken by Danny Schmalz on CP’s Facebook page

This is my first Christmas in Seattle and I am learning how they celebrate and honor this event in the Pacific Northwest. It makes me feel like a child again and reminds me of when I first moved to California. I had never been to Disney Land. Californians were in shock, because as children that’s where their parents took them on family vacations – it was tradition for them!

Setting up tradition with family and friends is wonderful. We look forward to the holidays knowing that we will do “special things” at that time of year that we do not do at any other time of year.  That is why it is SPECIAL.

So, I am in that mode of finding “new” holiday traditions to celebrate with family and friends here in Seattle.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from a friend telling me about the Canadian Pacific’s Holiday Train that goes through different cities in Canada and the U.S. raising money and collecting food for local food banks. This is fantastic!

Have you seen the train?  It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Click here to see a video on their website that shows the train and talks about their food bank program, live music, and more. Notice the Canadian and American flags in front of the train!

I hope you share the video of the Canadian Pacific’s Holiday Train with others. It spreads good cheer and will encourage people to donate to food banks this year.


Amazon gift idea:  Train puzzle

When I was young my father would put a small heavy metal train around the Christmas tree. We LOVED this as children, especially when he added the purple drops to the engine, so that the train would smoke and blow it’s horn as it went around the tracks.

This Canadian Pacific Hoiday Train brings back special memories to me on a larger scale, the video shows the train going through the mountains – it’s spectacular!

If you are still scouting out Christmas presents and like puzzles, here is a great gift idea from Amazon.

Here is to the start of a wonderful holiday season!

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