A little bit of Paris in Dublin!

IMG_1653Today it was late afternoon and I was looking for a place to take a break, rest my feet and get some tea. I looked across the street and felt like I was in Paris when I saw “Le Petit Parisien.” You know a place is good when you walk in and it is vey crowded.

They had different desserts to choose from, I chose a lemon meringue. Here is what arrived, lovely and delicious. I’ll have to ask my Seattle Blogger friend, “Travel-Gourmand,” how this bakery compares to her write up on Seattle Bakeries. If you are headed to Seattle, you’ll want to see her post, “Seattle Bakery Recommendations.”


An Irish fellow Blogger (Hope I can find her name and thank her.) recommended I try a place called, “Queen of Tarts.” I tried to go there, but it was raining and people had taken shelter inside… good plan!


There are a lot of wonderful cafes/bakeries to go to.

Makes me wonder, if there is ONE FOODIE BLOGGER out there who has focused on visiting/writing about different cafes around the world. I’d love to see a Blog focused on that.

Anyone have cafe recommendations for Vienna? It’s on my Bucket List.

By the way, I looked up “cafe” to see if it had to have an accent or not. Sounds like BOTH work. What does the Chicago Manual of Style say?

Now, how do I find that specific cafe Blogger? Does this Blogger exist?

30 thoughts on “A little bit of Paris in Dublin!

  1. Yep. You got that right about if places are crowded, that’s a good sign. When traveling around the USA my husband and I get off the main roads and go into small towns and ask someone where the best place for a bit to eat is. We’ve never been steered wrong yet. And found some delightful places often with delightful people.

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  2. I’ve been to the Queen of Tarts in Dublin before and didn’t find it to be worth all the hype. I’d recommend the Cake Cafe instead. It’s almost to Rathmines, but worth the jaunt deeper into the city.

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  3. I came over to check out your blog, and I like it. I read your story, “Keep your Rosary Handy when Crossing the Street.” It was very funny. When I saw the French cafe in Dublin, I smiled. I’m in the process of having a book published, which is similar to my blog. It has a story in it about authentic French restaurants, including French waiters. P.S.I’m half Ukranian/Russian, with the other half being Norwegian. Enjoy your trip, and I hope you find some great cafes. Take care, and be well.

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    1. Congratulations on getting your book published! Is it with an Agent? I know that is what we all would like. I am working on some children’s books, hope to follow in your footsteps shortly! So… Ukranian/Russian and Norwegian, that is an interesting combination. Do you drink Vodka and eat fish with potatoes? Actually, I think there are a lot of similarities, you have Viking genes. More so than Italian/Russian – although my family is LOUD! So, when will your book be published? I am sure you’ll Blog about it. I am Following you now, so will be excited to hear your update. I’m going to read more of your posts. I like your sense of humor. Still smiling about the Nuns. There is an Italian nun who won a singing contest in Italy and she was singing rock type of music. Everyone applauded, take a look: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/20/nun-italy-the-voice_n_5002937.html THIS WILL MAKE YOU SMILE!


      1. I don’t have an agent, I’m paying for most costs, but I am using a publisher to market and distribute my book. As a new writer, it’s tough. If you have one successful book, then agents and publishers come looking for you. Once the book is out, I’ll be posting links to Amazon, and other distributors. As for the Vodka, fish, and potatoes. Yes, yes, yes.That nun was fantastic. The judges couldn’t believe it, when they turned around. If a nun like her was in my elementary, and high schools, it would have been a lot more interesting. Thanks again for following me, and take care.

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      2. The self publishing industry, I have found, is very tight with helping each other. There is a guy from Scotland who is a writer, but also promotes a lot of self published writers. In fact, you should talk to him about a book review. Here is his website, maybe you know him: https://colingarrow.org


    1. Ah, you made me smile! You are RIGHT, I got you covered! Next time you are in Dublin, you can go for tea. It’s right by Grafton street. Hey, I’m going to be looking out for your Post on a women’s tool kit, the basics. 🙂

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  4. I’ve also wondered if there is a blogger out there that focuses on cafes! There are endless possibilities and so many to try. I’m excited to read about the rest of your travels and more cafes!

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      1. No it’s over on Dawson Street but is really cute! Pepper pot in Powers Court is nice but mad busy on weekends! If you can, take a trip to Blackrock and go to The Cake Room (snaps on my blog). Love a good cafe 👌👌👌

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      2. Wow – thanks for all the good tips. Do you live in Dublin? I’m heading over to see your blog. LOVE your Blog name! My daughter has been living in Ireland for 4 years and she says that EVERY house must have a “kettle.” 🙂


      1. Ghosts… Have you heard of Lorna Byrne, the author, from Dublin area? She has been seeing/talking to Angels all of her life. In Dublin I bought one of her books and in this one she talks about how souls were haunting her parents house and the Angels told her she had to help these souls pass on to Heaven. It’s pretty interesting. She would see them in the house and when she was outside they would wave from the window. The book is called, “Stairways to Heaven.” HER FIRST book was called, “Angels in My Hair.” In her first book she says we all have a Guardian Angel. It’s interesting reading.

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      2. Here’s to traveling and being inspired in the future! As I say this, I am seeing your “muse” pounding his fist on the table and saying, “enough dreaming, back to work!” THAT really was an excellent write up of yours, I just see his picture on your Blog and I have to write! Thank you!

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