Self help – “Elf-help books” (Indiana -> Ireland)

IMG_2523Life is interesting, we come across certain things when we need them. For example, I was reading a Blog called, “It Starts with Me,” where the blogger had a personal post called, “Anxiety of the Unknown.” She tells the story of her fiancé who signed a sports contract that led them to a move across the world to the UK. After getting adjusted to a new life in England, her fiancé suffered a sports injury and as they await the results of the MRI, she is faced with the “unknown” of their future, which is worrisome.

When I went walking, I had her story on my mind.

I came upon a bookstore in Limerick (Ireland). I was amused when I saw these “small” books with little Elfs on them. Turns out they are “Elf-help Books” that have been around since 1987. They are illustrated by R.W. Alley, who is known for his Paddington Bear illustrations.

Imagine my surprise to learn that these books are published in Indiana, not Ireland. Sadly, Abbey Press Printing closed in June 2017. Not clear if there is a new Publisher, but books are still being sold on Amazon.

The “Worry” book caught my attention. This would be PERFECT for my Fellow Blogger who is concerned about the “unknown.”

Here are a few pages to read.

We all have worries in life. Somehow, I was brought to these books by a “little Elf.” They have adult and children Elf-help books.

If you were able to zoom in and read the pages I’ve shared with you, you can see that the worry message is simple, short and motivating. The illustrations are adorable in an innocent old fashioned way.

You can visit “Elf-help Books” at 

I just read on Wikipedia that Abbey Press Printing was started in 1867 by Saint Meinrad Archabbey, who are Benedictine Monks in Southern Indiana. They’ve been marketing their products around the world and can be found in 25 English speaking countries. More than 20 foreign companies are licensed to print books in other languages.

So, the big question is “WHY, after 150 years, did they have to close their printing press this year?”

21 thoughts on “Self help – “Elf-help books” (Indiana -> Ireland)

  1. They look so cute! I would have quite a bit of worries to write on the list, with my Spanish wedding being in a bit over a month. I still have to prepare so many things, hahaha.

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    1. Yikes — you are RIGHT, suddenly it’s time for your second wedding! I’m excited to hear about it and see your photos from the event. The Chinese wedding was really beautiful! Will you use the “same” wedding dress or a different one? Also, I think for Spanish wedding you don’t have to make up 500 gifts for the office, do you?


      1. Hahaha! No, I won’t do those gifts in the Spanish wedding. And I will be wearing the same dress(es) as the mere mention of going to the bridal mall again gives me the shivers xD

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  2. Love your blog, and thanks for the comment on mine about the Falcon poem. I love these little books, I sell them in the charity bookshop that I run for Help the Rural child. We sell them for five rand (almost nothing in US dollars). Yes I think you are write, all to many people spend way to much time and energy worrying about things that aren’t worth worrying about. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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    1. Sorry for late reply. Just found your message in the Spam folder. Hate when that happens. Wonderful to hear you sell these books in your charity shop. Sounds like you are in South Africa, so the books have made it all the way there – Wow! I will have to look up “Help the Rural Child.” Did you write a Blog post on this?

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      1. Y es I live in Cape Town South Africa. I love these little books. I have put help the rural child into some comments and replies, but have not done a blog on it. So I think you are write, I should do a blog on it and its benefactor and owner, the Goedgedacht trust. should take you to their website, and through them to Help the Rural child, which is now owned by the trust. It is a great honour to work for them.

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      2. It is already tomorrow; eg. it is almost 01:00 on Thursday 7th September, so will write it this evening as it is sleep time now. I think it is a great idea; maybe I will work it into a poem; who knows! Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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