Movie review: “The Founder,” story about McDonald’s (on Netflix)


Well, I am still in shock after watching the movie, “The Founder,” which tells the story of how McDonald’s (hamburgers, you know) got started. It was an excellent movie, I was at the edge of my seat the entire time shaking my head and thinking, “This is HOW McDonald’s got started and grew??” I had no idea!

As a child, McDonald’s was the place with the “golden arches” and the great hamburgers/french fries. By the way, how do you spell “french fry?” Capital “F” in French? I see it spelled both upper case/lower case “F.” I bet the Chicago Manual of Style would have an answer on that.

Back to the movie review.  WHO has seen the movie??

If you haven’t seen it, I hate to give the story away, but I do need to give a little review. The main actor, Michael Keaton, who we know from the Batman movies plays McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc. Keaton was incredible, clearly he enjoyed his role as a crook! In fact, it occurred to me that Keaton went from playing the noble Batman to being the villainous Joker in this movie!

IMG_2539Why was Ray Kroc a crook? Simple, Kroc took someone else’s company/idea and made it his own. Now, this is a bit challenging. The two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, who created McDonald’s were really “nice guys.” The emphasis is on “nice.” They KNEW how to create, but they didn’t know how to build beyond one restaurant. They hesitated to take risks. There is one great scene in the movie that shows “HOW” the brothers created the assembly line in McDonald’s. Wonderful to watch an idea becoming reality.

Enter Ray Kroc! Now, clearly this guy was driven to make money and he was a visionary! He envisioned the “Golden Arches” everywhere and HE made McDonald’s the name it is today. I don’t have a problem with that. America has always been founded on work hard, make money, your dreams come true.

The issue I have is stealing someone else’s idea and becoming “ruthless” about it. AND WORSE, convincing yourself that “you” were the Founder. Now, Ray Kroc needed to say he was “The Founder” of McDonald’s, because this allowed him complete control in negotiations when opening other locations, I get it, but it doesn’t make it right!

This was an excellent movie/documentary! I encourage anyone who has ever eaten a McDonald’s hamburger to watch it. I’d be curious to hear your take on things. Is Ray Kroc a crook or should he be commended for being a brilliant guy?

Thanks to a long flight with slim movie choices, I watched, “The Founder.” So glad I did! It was an eye opener for sure!

I didn’t even have patience for the stewardess when she came by to offer ice cream. Huh, what — I was in the middle of the scene where Keaton (Ray Kroc) meets his second wife. Oh, I forgot to mention that… YOU need to watch the movie! It’s on Netflix.

Reminds me of the Facebook movie called, “The Social Network.”

These movies made me think, “When is being “driven” not OK?”

20 thoughts on “Movie review: “The Founder,” story about McDonald’s (on Netflix)

    1. Luckily, I don’t eat McDonald’s anymore unless there are no choices, but I don’t think I could enjoy a hamburger knowing how Kroc took advantages of those nice brothers. I don’t have time… but would love to find out if Starbuck’s had the same idea with their chain that the $$ was in the real estate.

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  1. In regards to McDonald’s, all I know is: it’s fake food. The fries and the hamburgers are made of somekind of preservative, that they don’t mold. They just stay as is for long periods of time. Even ants don’t swarm to it when left out. So it’s fake food that stays in one’s system, being bad for you. For that reason, I just pass their $1 menu and will pay more for real food at other drive thrus. I don’t have Netflix, so will wait to see this elsewhere in the future. Thanks for letting me know about it. I used to LOVE Michael Keaton in Batman!

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    1. Agreed, McDonald’s is not good food; however, when I grew up and I might be a little older than you, not sure – it was “the” place for kids to go. Now, years later we are all becoming “organic” and very food conscious. But, like the Starbuck’s brand, McDonald’s is part of history — interesting to know the story. Thanks for stopping by.

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    2. MCD hamburgers do mold. They stopped adding preservatives to it and now it’ll mold like any homemade hamburger.

      Fries are another matter – they are partially fried and then “showered” and with solution that does contain preservatives. Here is video that shows whole process (I’ve linked to 1:56 when they talk about submerging fries into solution):

      Now, burgers are fries are definitely bad for you. Too much fat and carbs. If you can definitely eat something else.

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      1. Thanks, I think most of us pursue healthy eating and avoid McDonalds. If there are any stragglers, your video clip will change their minds.

        My Dad has been moose hunting for over 30 years. We grew up on lean moose meat. Now those are good healthy burgers.

        Movie was quite an eye opener on growing a franchise. Would love to compare what they did to Starbuck’s growth.

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  2. I loved this movie! It’s amazing how little we knew about one of the biggest cultural brands on the planet! I respect Mr. Kroc for his business smarts, but I could have never done that to the owners, I almost felt guilty eating there after the movie!

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    1. I felt the same way! I mean, he was a brilliant visionary at the same time it was painful to see how he had no feelings for the owners, it was all about him, his ego, and being wealthy! AND that he wanted to act like the company had been HIS idea! As he mentioned, without the “McDonald” name it was nothing. GREAT MOVIE!

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