Vision boards, scrap books, ART… What inspires YOU?

IMG_2548Fall is here, days are getting shorter. I had a pile of magazines to go through this weekend. I decided to work on my vison board.

First picture, what a find! I saw an advertisement selling computers. It popped in my mind that Brilliant Viewpoint is always on “my computer screen,” so I clipped that out. Then, I found, “Set Your Sights: Choose your path and focus on what matters.”

Clip, clip, snip, snip – page created!

Next, drawing. I’m not an artist, but found a video that gave instructions on drawing birds. NOTE: It did take a few tries to get this end result. Into the scrap book.


I worked in advertising, so I was ALWAYS looking at ads, story headings–anything/anywhere it would catch my attention and I would think, “Ah, I love that! I need to add that phrase to my book.”

Next time you are in a dentist office, shopping mall, library — LOOK, SEE and READ what is around you. I bet you’ll wish you had your scissors handy, because your mind will visualize a NEW inspirational scrapbook page, like this one:


The beauty of a vision board/scrap book is that it is YOURS!

What inspires you? Take it to the next step…

I read that a dream, is just that — a dream, but a dream written down with a date, NOW that becomes a GOAL! Take the goal and list the steps to get there, NOW you have a PLAN. Work the plan to completion, NOW you have fulfilled your DREAM!


19 thoughts on “Vision boards, scrap books, ART… What inspires YOU?

    1. I agree! AND it’s amazing to look back in my Journal of different things I wanted to accomplish or liked, trips to take, etc. that took a while to manifest, but they DID come to fruition. So, we don’t always know WHEN something will happen, we just know if we focus our mind on it — it WILL happen! Christmas Market in Vienna, and going to concert with Viennese waltzes is high on my list of “things to do!” Need to cut out a picture of Andre Rieu. Have you seen his concerts? Really beautiful!

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      1. Ha! Even I make things work that way!☺️ And I don’t listen to music so I haven’t. I too love to travel so I hope one day I get a chance to go to the places on my wishlist.☺️

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  1. I love scrapbooking my vision board. I actually go between my Pinterest board (for convenience :P) and a physical board. Either way, I strongly believe that visualizing your wildest dreams, collaging them into art work is a big step closer to realization, a way of telling the universe that you mean business. Great Blog! I look forward to read more of your stories. Thanks for stopping by my page.

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    1. Thank you! I was just visiting your Blog and I was going to comment on your latest post, “Stop Existing, Start Living;” however, your post does not allow for Comments. Did you know that? If you would like comments you probably have to go into settings and turn the comment section on. I liked your post. You mentioned that you do not do the things like art that you used to do. Vision boarding is a PERFECT way to bond with your daughter. You can take 30 minutes and both sit down and THINK what is inspiring “us” today, what would we REALLY like to do… and then share the page you each created with each other. I used to do this with my daughters. We would think, “we don’t have time, they had to study, I had to work,” but when I would say, “No, we are doing this, 30 minutes that’s all!” We would be so happy with our creations. One of my daughters drew a beautiful hummingbird, my other daughter drew a mermaid and created a lot of fortune cookie fortunes — it was so funny. It’s amazing how creative we can be if we just allow for a bit of happiness to come in our life through creativity!


      1. Thanks for the comment and tips. I decided against the comments part for each post, I am new to blogging and feel a little nervous about receiving comments and not sure how I’d feel about getting negative comments.

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      2. True, but you are missing out on some GOOD comments. For example, you had a wonderful post of African fashion. Do you know the show “Project Runway?” I am almost certain a few seasons ago there was a woman who was a finalist. She used such vibrant colors in her clothes. It was fantastic! I would have made this comment. YOU ARE RIGHT, people are recognizing African colors, etc. My mother is Italian… a long time ago people made fun of the Italians, but NOW everyone wants to “be Italian!” Interesting how life changes.

        Oh, regarding negative comments. If I received one, I don’t take it to heart. If it is really bad meaning mean spirited, then you can just go on the back end and mark it as Spam. YOU have a lovely Blog, I can’t see how you would receive negative comments! KEEP WRITING!


      3. Thank you very much, you made some great comments once again and you have encouraged me a lot today. I will definitely rethink adding the comments section to the blog and ignore the haters if they write negative comments.

        Thanks again.


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