Seattle -> London, a Librarian sets up an Elementray School Library (books for children)


As I am writing a children’s picture book, I have to do research. While my degree is in Elementary Education, I went into business after College. I know, you’re thinking, WHY did you do that. Good question.

Just kidding, it was not lack of effort. Life happens — I moved to California to get married, it was February, I sent out 200 applications for teaching positions, took the CBEST test for licensing, but could not find a job. Nothing! Teaching was not my destiny at the time.

So, I found a job as a Technical Writer. I know, again, you’re thinking, “HOW did that happen?” A twist of fate. I was terrified on my first day. I knew nothing about technical writing. Turns out, I did not need to be technical. I needed to be “smart” and ask the engineers a lot of questions, so I could turn their scribbles into a User Manual. I enjoyed working with the engineers. My biggest question was, “What did you mean by this?

Fast forward to 2015, my heart was “still” with elementary education. I was getting closer to following my passion of writing a children’s book, I had made it to the “research stage.”

One day, clicking here and there, I came across a wonderful Blog called, “LibrarianArika.” I needed to better understand the children’s picture book market AND every week Ms Arika was sharing books she had read, giving her review and sharing lesson plan ideas too.


My heart sunk. Did that mean Ms Arika was going to quit writing?

No, she’s back stronger than ever!

Always wanting to teach, she decided to Skype with her old classroom in Seattle, so they could see London (virtual field trip). She wrote a detailed post on that called, “Bringing Literature to Life with Skype.” She used the Harry Potter books for this.

Ms Arika found a Librarian job in her children’s International school in London. In this post, she shares how she was setting up the Library for the start of school, “Week 1 in a new Library: the behind-the-scenes work.” You’ll be amazed at how much she had to do, I was.

I’m excited that she is back! She’s an excellent Librarian and I know her students will one day say, “Remember when Ms Arika read (insert book name) !” What a great feeling that will be!

I still remember my 4th grade teacher, Mrs Landrum, reading “Charlotte’s Web.” Teachers/Librarians have a big impact on our lives! A big thank you to ALL of them!

22 thoughts on “Seattle -> London, a Librarian sets up an Elementray School Library (books for children)

    1. Thank you. Life is interesting and sometimes we were meant to go on different adventures before we reach the top of the mountain.

      By the way, congratulations, you have beautiful photographs. It seems you have found your passion in life. That’s wonderful!

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  1. I knew that there must be good reason why you are so patient and well spoken. And here I discover that you worked with engineers. That explains it 😉

    Good luck with your children’s book! I can’t wait to see final result!

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    1. Thanks Doc! YEAH, you have to have patience to work with engineers. I’m Italian emotional thinker, they are very linear and analytical, no emotions – hard to get them to laugh, but I DID!

      Ah, I need you to write my little marketing bio. I find that stressful. You are EXCELLENT at that. I’m already thinking ahead of the game… while I am being rejected (have to enjoy the publishing process), I might as well work on the website, the marketing bio, etc., so when I do get that contract I am ready to “pull the trigger” as they say. Onward and upward!

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      1. If I wrote your ‘little marketing bio’, it would probably be something like:

        Having fun and spreading joy on

        Because I truly don’t see how anyone who visits your website could have any doubts on your writing.

        Especially children’s book… as someone who teaches his children to read I’ve flipped through numerous kids books and it’s always about fun + constant publishing. Good illustration of concept is “Elephant & Piggie”.


      2. Yes, Elephant & Piggie are good. A few more books, which are super nice. Lion Lessons by Jon Agee (SUPER FUNNY) and very cute is ELLA: the elegant elephant by Carmela D’amico AND, OF COURSE, Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola (my children’s favorite about Strega Nona and her magic pasta pot). Children are sponges, they can learn so much!

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  2. That is so cool. What a great resource. I wrote procedures manuals in the old days too. Woot woot. Such exciting work. The current adventures in writing are much more fun. I’m excited for you and can feel the energy in your post. Happy Writing.

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    1. Well, I am writing chidlren’s picture books… but I have other ideas too. I think my goal has always been like my Blog… to teach a child from a young age that if they can see “beyond” their immediate world and want to “discover new things,” they will always be happy, motivated and inspired to do something great with their lives. BEING GREAT can be anything… with the focus of making some type of contribution to society. I think this is what we need to teach our children. If they are capable of bringing joy and/or changing even one person’s life for the better – this is a good thing.

      My mother, being Italian, would ALWAYS read to us as children. With her cute Italian accent she was reading Greek Mythology, Alexander the Great, The Three Musketeers, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Arabian Nights… listening to Opera, showing us the map of the world and more. WHAT I learned from this is that our environment and who teaches us to “want” to explore is very important.

      ONE good book, or photos like yours, can inspire any of us to want to see and adventure.

      Ms Akira’s Blog is special, because you can see she has a “passion” for wanting to teach children. I share that passion to want to give children confidence, etc.

      I hope you enjoy her Blog.


      1. I did! The Harry Potter Skype experience was a great idea. I need to explore a few more possibilities myself. 🙂 And children will almost always respond to a story. I used to love snuggling up with mine with a book on our knee.

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  3. I have always considered going into technical writing, since I am an engineer and also love writing. Although, to be honest, I love writing fiction ❤.

    But yes! Shout out to the librarians who already knew to keep certain books aside for me ❤

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