Florence – Italian Street Music


When I was in Florence, I came across these singers while I was walking to the Duomo. They were really wonderful and making quite a bit of money, because not only did they have great voices, but as you can see they had the charm of “old Italy.”

Sharing a little bit of Firenze (Florence) with you today!


16 thoughts on “Florence – Italian Street Music

      1. I’ll be posting some pictures and stories from my first visit soon (almost 5 years ago). Remembering will defiantly make me want to go back more.

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    1. I don’t know, there were so many people there it was hard for me to try and get close to take the video without people constantly walking by. It looks cool, doesn’t it. I got the feeling these guys were from Naples… we’d have to do a Google search.

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  1. This short video made me feel like being there and enjoying the music in live. Awesome! Thanks for bringing the charm of Florence closer and inspiring me to cross it off my bucket list soon!

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