Pizza in a cast iron skillet?

cast iron pizzaFourth of July holiday is coming up, which means a lot of barbecuing. BUT, what if you prefer pizza.

I have exciting news for you. If you own a cast iron skillet you can make your own gourmet crunchy crusted pizza in 15 minutes. Make life easy on yourself, buy the pizza dough already prepared.

Here’s what you do:

Roll out the pizza dough. Warm up your cast iron skillet on medium/high on your stove top, dust the pan with a little bit of flour, no oil needed. Put your dough in the pan. While your dough is warming up, sprinkle some olive oil on it, pizza sauce and add your chosen pizza toppings (i.e. mushrooms, pepperoni, whatever you like) and then pop your pan into the oven at 425 degrees. Your pizza should be ready in 12-15 minutes.

I had no idea!

Now, I just need to find a good deal on a cast iron skillet and I’ll be a Chef in no time!

Bon Appétit!

15 thoughts on “Pizza in a cast iron skillet?

  1. Cast iron is my best friend in the kitchen and on the grill. They are great for making Dutch Babies and pancakes are a dream. For making a perfectly cooked steak they are wonderful and I use one on the grill to cook anything from veggies to salmon to scallops. The key is to make sure it is well seasoned. There are plenty of YouTube videos to help with that.

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  2. I need to buy one of these too! I have a cast iron skillet with ridges, but the flats ones also look sooo useful for this kind of thing!

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