Chicago: Painted Lighthouses by artists, many with disabilities

Lighthouse 2If you’ve been to Chicago, you know our Magnificent Mile is gorgeous in the summer. The flowers are in bloom in front of all the shop windows, the Chicago river looks fantastic and tourists are everywhere. We really enjoy summer, because we know that soon winter will be upon us.

Lighthouse 3A few days ago, I was walking down Michigan Avenue and I saw a lot of painted Lighthouses. Each one had it’s own theme. The Lighthouses on The Mag Mile™  are displayed for the public to enjoy celebrating people with disabilities. There are 51 six-foot lighthouses to see. I found a few and took pictures.

Lighthouse 4My daughter saw one that looked really spooky she said, with hands painted as if they were coming out of cracks in the wall. I was looking, but didn’t come across that one.

Lighthouse 1It’s a wonderful project, fun to see how creative the artists have been. The Lighthouse Art Display runs from June 19 – August 11, 2018.

16 thoughts on “Chicago: Painted Lighthouses by artists, many with disabilities

      1. I’ve been twice. We’re there to visit colleges so I don’t know how much fun time we’ll have, and my daughter “needs” to see the art institute…..

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      2. The Art Institute is near the park. GREAT for looking at colleges, which ones? My daughter was just accepted into Northwestern’s Master Degree program for Prosthetics and Orthotics downtown, but bigger campus is in Evanston – it’s really beautiful and blocks from Lake Michigan too! This is exciting for her and you too.

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      3. She’s looking at northwestern and university of Chicago. I love Chicago…one of my favorite cities!! Really looking forward! Congrats to your daughter!!

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