Chicago to Mackinac Island – Sailboat race starts tomorrow…

sailboats-1375064_960_720The race from Chicago to Mackinac Island starts tomorrow (Saturday, July 21, 2018). If you are in the area, head down to Navy Pier. It’s exciting and beautiful to see all the boats lining up to take off. They have different sized boats, so they leave at different times to make the race fair.

The reason this is exciting is because this is the oldest freshwater race in the world, it started in 1898. If you enjoy sailing, you might like to see this online tracking of the race. If you click on the “online tracking link,” you can see a picture of Lake Michigan with a line showing you how they will sail from Chicago to Mackinac Island. They sail nonstop, so they use spotlights at night. I believe there are about 340 boats and approximately 3,000 sailors.

Weather forecast not looking so good, rain and high winds.

So, you see, Chicago is known for a little bit more than just “Al Capone / gangsters.” Ah, I’m kidding, but did you know that Walt Disney was born in Chicago, 1901, and grew up here? He studied drawing at the Institute of Fine Arts. I leave you with Frank Sinatra’s song, “My Kind of Town (Chicago is)!”  AND The Blues Brothers with “Sweet Home Chicago.

Let the race begin!

6 thoughts on “Chicago to Mackinac Island – Sailboat race starts tomorrow…

    1. I agree, those waves are strong like the ocean. People don’t realize that Lake Michigan is a big body of water. It’s kind of cool to look at the online tracking, I didn’t realize how far up Mackinac Island is.

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  1. How wonderful! Thank you for a look at something special. In the spirit of reciprocation, I thought I’d mention Australia’s Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race. Every Boxing Day (26 December) a flotilla of yachts races out of Sydney Harbour and follows Australia’s east coast open ocean to Tasmania (630 nautical miles) where the yachts arrive in the city of Hobart in the days leading up to New Year’s Eve. A grueling yet prestigious race, very much a part of our summer holiday calendar.

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