Cover letters, how creative can you get?

student studyingWrite. Stop, Think. Write again. I’ve been writing cover letters. It’s exhausting. I wonder how creative I can get. I’m at a point where I need to start new tactics, change things up, see what happens. Maybe use a bit of humor.

For example, how about this:

Dear Joe, While this isn’t the exact job I am looking for, if it pays well, I’m interested.


Dear Sally, When you say I need to be able to lift 50 lbs, what exactly would I be lifting. I thought this was a desk job.

When I was working for a manufacturing company, they put me in charge of reading cover letters and gathering resumes. I was shocked at how many people sent resumes without cover letters. If they wrote a cover letter, it was 3 sentences at the most saying, “Here is my resume,” and others that had typos.

I have to keep that in mind when I am sending my resume out. It’s all about “timing” too. If there is one job and 150 resumes, we know that HR does not read all of the resumes. We didn’t. We would read them down the line until we found 5-10 good resumes. Call to see if applicant could come in for an interview, if not, back to the resume list.

So, there is some LUCK involved in this job hunting stuff.

Where’s a lucky penny when I need it?

10 thoughts on “Cover letters, how creative can you get?

  1. You hit on a lot of truth. Add to this that some organizations use keyword readers that don’t always give good results. And stuffing a resume with keywords doesn’t make for easy writing either. Even with all of that, I know you will find something. 😊

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    1. At least cover letters is good practice for writing query letters… while they are different, they are the same in that we have to learn how to promote ourselves to get the deal. Not easy, takes practice. 🙂


      1. Ah, sounds like we are in a similar process. Good luck with that. I feel like I need a critique group, but it has to be the right group; otherwise, it sets us back rather than pushing us forward. But I think a critique group would help keep me focused on a timeline.

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