Fashion – Where are your zebra shoes?

B9A0C629-9C7F-4589-A125-CDAEC8B9B67FYesterday, I felt like Steve Jobs. Remember, the Apple CEO whose signature style was to wear a high black crew neck style shirt. He had a daily uniform which was classy and suited him. We grew to recognize him in a crowd, just look for the tall slender guy with glasses wearing a black turtle neck.

Fast forward to my life. A few years ago, I needed gym shoes. I went to the athletic shop. Tried on a variety of shoes, nothing fit properly. I was disappointed, but needed shoes. There wasn’t much left to choose from.

The sales clerk pointed to these zebra looking shoes. I looked at him with a “You’ve gotta be kidding” type of look. For me?

Weren’t those kid shoes, I asked? Nope, the latest style, he said.

I had to admit, they were comfortable. I bought them reluctantly.  I wore them a few times, but felt funny at the gym, so tucked them away in my closet.

Years have gone by, they have sat nicely in my closet. Recently though, it was pouring rain, I didn’t want to ruin my normal shoes, so took the zebra ones out.

In retail, we are on our feet 8 hours, we need cushy shoes. These fit the bill. My feet needed a break from “nice looking shoes,” so I started wearing my zebra shoes. Of course, there were funny comments. That was fine, I laughed.

Spring is here, I thought it was time to retire my zebra shoes for cute looking ones. So, I put my zebra shoes back in the closet.

To my surprise, two of my co-workers said, “Hey, where are your zebra shoes?”

I smiled and said, “Time for a change. You mean, you actually liked those shoes?”

“YES, they are a bit crazy and fun,” they said.

Smiling, I thought, “My Italian mother would be horrified to learn my signature style was a pair of zebra looking gym shoes.”

While I would prefer being known for wearing glitzy shoes like “Dorothy’s red ruby slippers,” my zebra shoes have modern funky style! Who would have known…

8 thoughts on “Fashion – Where are your zebra shoes?

  1. Good for you, expressing yourself! I had a similar experience with my last pair of running shoes – an off-white pair with an unusual look. Didn’t realize how self-conscious I would be until I wore them to the gym for the first time. But then I looked around and realized – at least these days – anything goes (and I’m not just talking shoes). Especially at the gym, there isn’t a “normal” anymore. Everyone seems to make their own statement.

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  2. Isn’t it great when you start using something that had been in your wardrobe for ages? It happened to me recently with a fuchsia mini skirt I bought 8 years ago and that I only wore a couple of times. Now I’m in love with it. And the best part is that it still fits, hahaha!

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    1. Wow – this is wonderful! I can just see you now as the “cutest Mom” this Spring! I would much prefer your fuchsia skirt to my zebra shoes… much more in line with an “Italian fashionable look!” Bravo!


      1. Well, I’ve seen women in Asia with dress skirts or even suits and pairing them with running shoes… so maybe my skirt and your zebra shoes together would be a killer look!

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