Wedgewood looking for apprentices, keep “Made in England” alive

Wedgewood China

For years now, most companies, in all industries, have been going to Asia to produce their products. While I understand the need to cut costs, it’s also been sad to see Italian clothing/purses/table linens being made in China. Same with other products that used to be made in their original countries, everything is being outsourced to save money. In doing this, we’ve seen quality go down. There are pros/cons on each side.

It was with great interest that I read an article in Tableware International, “Wedgewood Investing New Apprentices.” Apparently, there is a demand for products with the “Made in England” label. They are recruiting apprentices and I wanted to pass this news on. The issue right now is an aging workforce and a lack of skilled laborers.

In America, the cost of College leaves students in great debt. We are taught that unless a person has a College degree, they cannot find a job. This means that trade jobs, apprenticeships, etc. are frowned upon. We need to change this mindset, so that young people can pursue jobs that they really enjoy without a stigma attached to it. Not everyone is cut out to be a student. Most students upon graduation end up working in jobs outside of their degree, unless they studied to be a lawyer, doctor, pilot, which is very degree specific.

Would love to see a revival of companies taking pride in their product, going back to the days where “quality” was critical to the brand. I am going to keep my eye on Wedgewood to see how this new apprenticeship program is working. In this tough economy and with College degrees becoming so expensive, young people need options on pursuing careers.

7 thoughts on “Wedgewood looking for apprentices, keep “Made in England” alive

  1. I agree…, unless you have a specific profession in mind, is not for everyone, and often the kids just end up with a ton of debt and no job prospects. Far better to go to a community college and train for something practical. I wish so much stuff wasn’t made in China now – I find the quality of much of it inferior.

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    1. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. Online courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are becoming popular too. Something has to change. $40-80K for one year tuition, when you need 3-4 years to complete your degree is outrageous.

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  2. I remember we stopped by the Wedgewood company on one of our trips to England. My mom really wanted to see where Wedgewood classic English fine china was made.

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