So, sorry — MR. OWL, MR. PIGEON, it wasn’t you…

Every morning, I heard this sound.

An Owl… a Pigeon… I didn’t know.

Turns out it was a Dove outside my window.

In Italy, my grandmother fed birds on her balcony every morning.

Don’t they say,



While we are house bound, loving memories fill us with HOPE!

Unfortunately, by accident, I scared away the dove, by opening my window too fast. So, no more dove sounds every morning.

4 thoughts on “So, sorry — MR. OWL, MR. PIGEON, it wasn’t you…

  1. My back yard is normally full of morning doves. They are shy birds but you can lure yours back with a little seed and water. They enjoy millet, cracked corn, wheat and sunflower seeds. Due to their larger size, they need platform or a tray feeder. They’re also partial to feeding on the ground. I hope your dove returns.

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    1. Oh…. THANK YOU for the tips. I will try it. I did like the sound, I wanted to see “what” bird it was and THERE was the Dove right at my window, so I scared it. I will try to coax him/her back. I appreciate the advice. ❤

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  2. I had the same two morning doves nest on my front porch light for years and years, but do not see them anymore. They mate for life, so maybe one of them died. I would wake up to their soft cooing sound every morning….very early, like an alarmclock!

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