HELP – Jumping Spider ALERT

Jumping SpidersThere is a FIRST time for everything. It’s summer, I’ve dealt with centipedes, ants and spiders… BUT NOT tiny little jumping spiders.

Last night, I saw something small and dark on the floor. I thought it was a fuzzle from my sock. When I went to pick it up, imagine my HORROR when it was a tiny spider that jumped. I yelped, as we do, when caught by surprise. Natural instinct had me going after the jumping spider, but he was so tiny and so quick – IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH HIM.

I know, bug lovers out there are routing for him to LIVE. We are supposed to live in “harmony” with bugs that come into our house.

Now, I don’t know if this picture is the “exact spider” in my house, but he looks very similar. Looking at him up close is a bit scary, which if funny, because he must be terrified of me, the giant human.

Well… last night, he WON, he escaped.

BUT this morning, HE had such NERVE. He came up on my desk. I was innocently doing my work, when he JUMPED by my coffee!  I had resigned myself into “trying” to live in harmony with him last night, since I couldn’t catch him. However, coming on to my desk was a declaration of war.

So — I went after him AGAIN, but he was TOO quick. He jumped from my desk to the window sill, which is white, so I could see him. I went to “get him,” he jumped on the floor, which is dark, impossible to see him. I did smile, very clever tactic. Got away again.

Tell me folks, have you had jumping spiders in the house? What should I  do?

21 thoughts on “HELP – Jumping Spider ALERT

  1. My very worst nightmare is a spider that jumps. Here in Alabama we have Wolf Spiders. They are huge and aggressive. If they jumped, I would have a heart attack right there! LOL

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  2. I’m going to risk admitting I laughed out loud several times during your story. I found the whole thing hilarious. Having said that I acknowledge the horror my son felt when he saw a “platoon of spiders” on his bedroom ceiling once. He swears they huddled and called an attack play before separating to the four corners of the room (“and… BREAK!”). We’re dealing with two weeks of pesky Miller Moths in Colorado right now (their annual migration to the West). At least they don’t jump 🙂

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  3. Jumping spiders are pretty harmless. If insects come inside, they’re asking for a shortened life. I usually try to capture spiders and release them outside…to the wild, so to speak. 🙂 If I can’t catch them, then no hold barred. Having said that, I currently have a spider living somewhere around my window. Fast little bugger.

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  4. I don’t think I’ve met a jumping spider yet hehe. I can live with a spider (as long as it’s not too big) but in exchange she has to catch all the mosquitoes! They are so annoying!

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      1. I prefer peppermint oil spray! I have plenty of spiders here in the garage and one year they climbed up and clogged my car’s A/C hose so the water drained into the car instead of outside it, cost me $500 to rip out the flooring and fit it, so I try to spray to discourage them from lingering. Maybe it was a jumper?

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      2. I just add some drops to a spray bottle of water, enough to make it smelly and spray it around the garage floor near the car, and around the doors in the garage too to discourage them from lingering.

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  5. I pray for no spiders in my house. Saw one two days ago, hanging down from the cooking fan while I was making breakfast. Total chaos that turned into as you could imagine. You are brave to face centeped too. Do they really have them in Chicago? in the city?

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  6. I think I just saw two of these jumping spiders in my apartment. Same as you, thought they were dusts. Oh no, they were spiders and jumping too. I have to imagine the picture in your post with those cute eyes, then I chased them out of the house lol

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    1. Laughing… they seem like little fizzles on the ground. Oh my gosh, it’s true, when we look at them closely, they are cute in their way — but when they start jumping it’s a bit of a SHOCK!


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