WordPress Editor – Have you been using it?

Frustration - Learning something newHave you been using the WordPress Editor? Apparently, June 1st, we all have to use it, like it or not — it seems. If you are like me, I find comfort in having my writing tools the same, i.e. same paper, same journal, same pen/markers, same WordPress…. same everything.

When this is changed and I am “forced” to learn something NEW, there is a “slow down” in my writing process. Suddenly, creativity goes out the window and angst replaces it.

Some of you might say, “I LOVE LEARNING SOMETHING NEW.”


First issue, I want to add a photo — hum, hum, hum. Can’t find where to do that? There must be a place to find/insert my photos, BUT WHERE.

First time in 5 years, no photo in my post?

Ugh… Eureka! I can switch back to Classic Editor. A temporary fix, while I learn WordPress Editor. I’m sure in a month I will say, “I LOVE IT,” but right now, it feels like one more COVID obstacle I need to surpass.

Bear with me… I need to figure this all out.

11 thoughts on “WordPress Editor – Have you been using it?

  1. I like learning new things but not when they make life more complicated. I’m not looking forward to this change. I’m trying to tell myself “I’m going on an adventure.” It isn’t helping. They gave this option a few years ago a chose not to switch because it reminded me too much of HTML. Been there. Done that. I remember reading a story in 7th grade about advertising with this quote “If you can’t make a product better, you make it harder to get into.” Good luck to all of us who also grew up with KISS – Keep It Simple Sweetie, and yes, I made it kinder. 🙂

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    1. You are right, in “figuring” this out, it does feel a bit like HTML, but it is in blocks, it doesn’t seem like we are using tags… not sure yet. THE GOOD NEWS is that if we want to continue posting on our “normal” schedule, we HAVE to figure it out!! 🙂 In a month, we will be telling everyone how COOL we are since we learned this.

      LIKE Twitter, I am trying to figure that out. Not that it is hard, but all the hashtags, etc. My mind needs a bit of calmness and I find Twitter to be full of “noise.” BUT it seems that it is good for Authors / Writers to be on Twitter, so I am figuring that out.

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  2. I’m with you on my preference for the Classic Editor but as you say, being force-fed the Block Editor will make us learn like-it-or-not. I ran into the exact same issue as you – how to add a photo – and even when I did I wasn’t able to adjust the size/location/tag as easily as Classic. I’m guessing we’ll all be tapping into the helpful people at WP with our frustrations as we adjust; then be on our merry writing ways again shortly after June 1.

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