Floating boat cinema coming to America

Floating CinemaHave you heard about, Beyond Cinema, an Australian entertainment company that is bringing Floating Boat Cinema to major cities in America (St. Louis, Houston, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, New York, Austin, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Florida, Los Angeles, San Diego, Columbus, and Cincinnati) as well as three cities in Canada?

These cinemas will be made up of 12 – 24 mini boats that hold 8 people. Tickets for each boat much be purchased at once to ensure that a group of family/friends can sit together. This also allows for social distancing between family/friends instead of strangers.

If you are interested, Google your city, you’d have to buy tickets ASAP. I’m sure they will go fast. Sounds like a lot of fun.

VENICE — I see this photo of boats on the water and I think of Venice.

What a wonderful idea.

A shame there is not more information about this Australian company and how they came up with this idea, etc. Soon the story will unfold… right!

6 thoughts on “Floating boat cinema coming to America

  1. It would be really cool if you could bring your own boat instead of having to rent one of theirs. I saw another post about this not too long ago, and I thought I saw Pittsburgh on the list. I could’ve mistaken Philadelphia for Pittsburgh though, I guess.

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    1. Yes and as they are so vague on the company, I think they were putting their feelers out there to see if they could sell tickets. It’s hard to know. These events are supposed to take place in September.

      I think you are in Australia, yes? I was reading about the big spike in COVID in Victoria. Hopefully, you are not near that area.

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      1. Thank you for asking. Generally Australia has dealt with the pandemic very well. I am in Brisbane Queensland (1,000 miles from Melbourne, capital city of Victoria) and we haven’t suffered badly from Covid-19. We closed our state borders and still maintain lockdown.

        However, I believe from my family living in Melbourne, restrictions were loosened without due thought to a second wave. It is winter here so colds and flu have added to the burden. Healthy good wishes to you!

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