Baking/cooking – BEST mixing bowls

Years ago, I had white mixing bowls like these in the photo. They were wonderful. They came in three sizes and were very durable. Having small children, I didn’t have to worry that the bowls would break. I mixed everything in these bowls from pancake/cake/ brownie/cookie batter to meat balls, mac ‘n cheese to… you get the idea. These were my “go to” mixing bowls.

Tragedy struck. I lost my bowls. One day I went to get a bowl and couldn’t find them. I searched HIGH and LOW, they were no where to be found. I felt like a little kid who had lost the favorite pair of shoes. So, I thought — HOW could this have happened. Then I remembered, I had moved. Somehow in the move, bowls were gone.

Those bowls had been old, true, but they still worked. Now, I was forced to use other bowls. I tried using glass bowls, metal bowls, ceramic bowls… ahh, it just wasn’t the same. I longed for my white bowls. When shopping, I looked for these plastic bowls, they weren’t the same.

UNTIL, I walked into Crate & Barrel the other day, looking for a loaf pan.

Suddenly, my eye caught this pretty green moss color. Walking over I couldn’t believe it!  MY bowls — my bowls — I found them! Prettier in pale green, shinnier than my old worn out bowls.

My gosh, COVID worked a miracle! Without COVID I would not have shopped for a loaf pan, which brought me to my mixing bowls.



The reason I liked these bowls so much was because they were named after Danish Princess Margrethe. Now, I understood why I felt like a Princess using these bowls all these years…


17 thoughts on “Baking/cooking – BEST mixing bowls

    1. Yes, very good quality. AND this is interesting, they say they are heat resistant… not to put in oven, but I guess if you were mixing hot foods. Did not know that. Oh, and I like that they come in 3 sizes, I can use my hand mixer in them, they are sturdy and don’t make an awful sound. I’ve had some ceramic bowls, they look pretty, but sound like they might crack when I use hand mixer. Anyhow… if you see them somewhere, give them a look over.

      Mainly, 3 sizes, super convenient, rubber on the bottom, so they don’t move, you can buy a bottom replacement rubber (didn’t know that, but mine never broke), pretty, oh, notice they have a spout… so you can pour from there and you never have to worry about them breaking. Your daughter can use one size and you use another size to make dinner. GREAT gift for her if she goes back to campus. 🙂

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      1. I’ll tell you my first world dilemma. I have a set of 3 metal mixing bowls, and I have a large ceramic serving bowl. I want to get rid of serving bowl but I need it for serving things that are hottish (popcorn) and you can’t put hot stuff in metal bowl….so looking fir some sort of replacement…

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    1. LOL – Yes, I believe you would, good quality. By the way, I visited your Blog. Very interesting, I’m not a comic person, so wasn’t quite following the story. Do you continue your story with every post… is that the idea?


      1. It’s a continuous story that’s been going on over a year. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a way that I can make more clear that the story advances a little bit with each post. I wonder if the secret lies in revising the introductory post. Also, I sometimes wonder if ending each post with a joke adds to confusion.

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      2. Well… the thing is, if I start reading your Blog after a year, I don’t really want to read a year of posts to catch up to the latest one.

        So — your posts have to be like a mini-series or authors who have a detective who solves new crimes each time.

        You need to make it so that a post can stand alone.

        THINK about it — 3 years from now, can you really expect people to go back and read ALL posts from 3 years ago to follow you?

        A few weeks ago, I made an effort to “understand” your site, but even from the Home page, it didn’t make sense to me, so I gracefully walked away.

        Give it some thought.

        What is your goal? To grow your Blog’s following OR to just have a few people that started with you from the beginning.

        It’s YOUR Blog, do it as you wish. Just my humble opinion.


  1. I know the feeling. I have two sets of indispensable bowls. One is a nested set of corning-ware bowls like my grandmother used, and the second is a nested set of metal bowls. Funny how we need small items of comfort. So glad you found your new/old bowls.

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    1. Good idea… It would be like an Author who has one Detective and each book that SAME detective solves mysteries, but the characters are always the same.

      Your’s is like this, so as you mention — MAKE EACH POST stand alone… THEN you will get more Followers. Good luck.

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  2. “Tragedy struck. I lost my bowls.” I know you wanted us to feel your pain but I found those couple of lines hilarious, like your world was coming to an end. Admittedly I prefer certain coffee cups and one small ceramic-lined pot (perfect to boil eggs or heat up soup). Everything else in the kitchen can go.

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  3. My mother has those bowls in white and they’re great. I especially love the spout. I have lots of pretty blue bowls but find hers are more functional. Now you have functional and pretty too!

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