Writing prompt… In 2021, What adventure awaits you?

Sometimes we find that perfect photo. I was lucky, no other people in site.

As I looked down the road, all sorts of story ideas came to mind.

It’s the end of Fall, we’re back in semi-lockdown.

In the past, with all the hustle and bustle of life, we longed for a quiet scene like this. Now, we actually want to be around people.

Thanksgiving canceled! Reminds me of the Grinch who tried to cancel Christmas. Remember, he stole all the Christmas trees, but then the people came together in the true spirit of Christmas, singing and holding hands.

How interesting life is.

In 2021, we start a new journey in life.

Where will this road lead you? What adventure awaits you?

9 thoughts on “Writing prompt… In 2021, What adventure awaits you?

  1. It’s a lovely photo. Not a soul in sight, everyone must be obeying the pandemic rules and staying home, including me, as our stats are starting to inch up again. As to 2021 I hope to get back to trying to finish my murder mystery manuscript – I started it last May during the first lockdown, but quit in June after 40,000 words, and need to finish the last four chapters. It’s just a first draft, and not very good but if we go into lockdown again I will have no excuse not to pick it up again. It’s good to have a goal, something to focus on, esp with the winter weather brewing, and Christmas plans cancelled.

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